No Pochettino interview

It has been suggested and widely reported that an interview for the soon to be vacant post of Head Coach at Tottenham Hotspur will take place this week.

No Pochettino interview

Former player Vinny Samways suggests that 42 year-old Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino will have an interview with Daniel Levy this week, which if true would break employment laws. Your employer can't interview someone for your job while you are still in it, football is no different, it has to abide by the same employment laws.

Safe to say it is not true then.

Pochettino needs no introduction to Spurs fans, his Southampton side comfortable in 8th play nice attacking football with a youthful side, they do however leak goals, six against us for starters.

If Spurs want to challenge for top four then a tighter defence is a must, conceding goals simply puts pressure on the side to score more goals and increases the possibility of conceding another, the more when we push forward.

Pochettino's style is from the Marcelo Bielsa school of tactics. Bielsa will be the new coach of Marseilles next season and was called the best coach in the world in 2012 by none other than Pep Guardiola. The system is a high pressing fluid movement system, a similar basic approach to Frank de Boer but with their own interpretations.

The Bielsa system has one playmaker and three forwards when attacking and tries to overload with players when defending. The object is to win the ball high up the field so the pressing game we have become used to is employed with the playmaker, two midfielders and a wide man hunting as a pack.

Now all this might just sound like Andre Villas-Boas again but the key element is that Pochettino like vertical passes rather than the AVB sideways passes, thus it is all still possession based but the possession is higher up the field than the passing between centre-backs AVB had us doing.

To disappoint many Spurs fans Pochettino teams play more long balls than other possession based teams so the Spurs faithful will still be able to moan at Dawson for playing the balls the manager asks him to play.

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In attack the front four all interchange so anyone of them can pop up anywhere in his 4-2-3-1 system. If you look back to Espanyol he employed that for the first eleven and the B team but every other side had to play 4-4-2 which Pochettino believes is the best system for developing players.

He has an attention to detail and talk regularly to coaches at all levels as well as attending their training sessions, wanting to know exactly what is going on. He likes his age group teams to play against the age above to speed up their development. Results are not important only player development for the first team.

The coaches we are looking to talk to have similar playing philosophies, play possession based football with fluid interchanging of positions and pressing high up the pitch.

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