Mabbutt & Ardiles echo Spurs fans thoughts

Mauricio Pochettino comes with a solid reputation, in Spain he is very highly thought of, which when you dig into his time at Espanyol and understand the constraints he was working under, is not surprising.

Mabbutt & Ardiles echo Spurs fans thoughts

Tottenham have been seeking a long-term Head Coach and at 42 the Argentinian has plenty of years ahead of him. Get the squad performing at it should be and staying for long enough to build something won't be the problem everyone seems to think it is.

Our other former Argentinian player and manager, Ossie Ardiles, feels the same way as most fans, that we have an under preforming squad that could and should do better.

“Spurs fans will have to be patient. He has a big reputation for building squads. This is what he did at Espanyol and of course at Southampton, where he developed young players and made players play to the maximum of their possibilities.

“For one reason or another, the players [bought into Tottenham last summer] did not perform. It will be a big, big job for Mauricio to make them perform. If he can do that, we can have a very, very good team indeed.

"He needs time. He will be very successful if he can put Tottenham into a Champions League place. That will be the aim, certainly.

"There are going to be a lot of very, very strong terms next season but realistically that has to be the aim for Tottenham.

"We do have a lot of players. The players we bought last season came with incredibly big reputations but didn't perform the way were expecting them to. If he can make them perform, we don’t need a lot [of new additions]."

Former Tottenham captain and centre-back Gary Mabbutt echoed those thoughts when speaking to Sky Sports.

“The two most successful teams are, in my opinion, based around consistency and continuity and they are Arsenal and Manchester United.

“They had Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson for a long period of time and that is what every club wants to emulate.”

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