Let's not forget we all want a winning Tottenham

The internet brings diverse corners of the world together in one shared interest, Tottenham Hotspur. We should all remember that we all want the same goal for our shared love, even if we all look at achieving that goal in different ways. We all want Tottenham Hotspur to be winning and entertaining us as they do.

Lets hope our new Head Coach will bring back some glory times to White Hart Lane, they were good times for those of us who experienced them, it's about time a new generation had some glory times of their own to enjoy.

I always find it fascinating to delve into the website stats as the number of readers gives me an insight as to where our supporters are around the world and in what cities.

Let's not forget we all want a winning TottenhamThe top 10 countries remains fairly constant:
1.  England
2.  USA
3.  Australia
4.  South Africa
5.  Ireland less than 100 page views behind
6.  Singapore
7.  Holland
8.  Norway
9.  Malaysia
10 Indonesia

All the Louis Van Gaal and Frank de Boer speculation has boosted Dutch readership so if Pochettino is appointed as seems likely I'll be keeping an eye on Argentinian readership.

London naturally has more readers than any other city followed by:
2.  Dublin
3.  Manchester
4.  Sydney
5.  Singapore
6.  Brighton
7.  Halesowen
8.  New York
9.  Croydon
10 Kuala Lumpar complete the top 10.

If you are not among those perhaps you live in:
11. Cape Town
12. Melbourne
13. Oslo
14. Norwich
15. Johannesburg
16. Lagos
17. Belfast
18. Bristol
19. Cambridge
20. Chelmsford who make up the Top 20 cities of THBN readership.

Wherever you live, thanks for reading the blog and clicking on the adverts, different articles appeal to different people but all usually come with a dose of common sense and opinion.

You are welcome to disagree with views and leave your comments to any article, they do get read, by all means leave where you are in the world too, it would be nice to know.

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