If you don't want Tim Sherwood you don't want Frank De Boer

Frank de Boer has once again confirmed Tottenham have informally spoken to Ajax despite the official denial.
 If you don't want Tim Sherwood you don't want Frank De Boer
 He spoke with Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport and confirmed that Spurs phoned Marc Overmars within the last month to talk about his contract and to test the waters as it were.

"They talked informally with Ajax about my contract," said De Boer. "I think they are quite happy with their manager, but it is normal that they get information about a possible successor, as have Liverpool in the past. Liverpool had four candidates and asked me if I was interested. That time I said I wanted to stay at Ajax.

"I'm very happy here, but if a club came with an interesting perspective and a good team, I would consider the proposal. I want to understand what contribution I could give."

The approach was not official and therefore the Tottenham statement that they have not contacted any clubs about coaching appointments is legally correct, if not actually correct. Two friends have just had a chat, that's all, nothing illegal about that.

"We have not contacted any club regarding coaching appointments."

Compare this situation where Spurs can't actually tell the truth to that of Head Coach Tim Sherwood who tells the truth and gets insulted and abused by mindless supporters.

If these supporters are moaning at Sherwood for telling the truth then they won't want Frank de Boer here either will they, he tells the truth also. The claim is Sherwood embarrasses the club when he speaks which is of course nonsense, but if it is what you claim then what Frank de Boer is consistently saying has to be viewed in the same light. He is forcing Spurs to officially deny something that is true, but legally untrue.

Isn't the truth better than playing this media game to avoid being sued for breaching employment law. But then there is little chance of football being a clean game, poaching or tapping up of players and managers will always take place, as will informal phone calls.

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