Has Frank de Boer met Levy this week?

It's been a quiet week on the new manager front with Mauricio Pochettino the flavour of the week last week while the other candidates were unavilable to talk to us.

Has Frank de Boer met Levy this week?

Frank de Boer was in Indonesia with Ajax on a pre-season tour and only arrived back on Saturday so the expectation was that we would progress forward with him this week if we were interested.

Carlo Ancelloti is tied up with Real Madrid until after the Champions League final when his future may be known. Ancelloti will know his own situation and will know if he has to win the Champions League to retain his job or not. It sounds harsh to us on the outside as they were only 3 points behind La Liga winners Atletico Madrid who they also face in the final.

Losing to your smaller rivals in 2 major competitions though may not go down so well in Madrid, it certainly won't with the fans.

Rafa Benitez has only been at Napoli a short while and taken them into the Champions League so although he'd like a return to the Premier League it is unlikely that now is the right time. His style of football would also be a concern but he has a winning track record.

There have been a few other names guessed at by the press, Claudio Ranieri was sacked by Monaco so was immediately mentioned as a possible candidate, everyone is a possible candidate!

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Frank de Boer going public upset the Tottenham bosses who you would expect have told him to be quiet. Now I know some of you leap on this stuff and some of you don't while others don't get to hear whispers at all so I'll bring you the latest whisper and you can decide for yourselves.

From more than one ITK guy the word is that De Boer had a meeting with us this week, which if true is clearly being kept very quiet. The meeting is said to have taken place with chairman Daniel Levy, technical director Franco Baldini and director of football administration Darren Eales, who I believe is also our barrister.

It made sense to me to interview all the candidates and select the best fit, rather than decide one candidate and go all out to get him as the press seemed to think we had with Pochettino. I questioned whether this was the case or whether we were going to go through the same process with De Boer and Benitez, if he was available, as well before making a decision.

Let us hope that if there was a meeting it went well, with Louis Van Gaal installed as Manchester United manager we could be having a mini Dutch invasion at the top of the Premier League.

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