Ginola - £26m for scoring penalties!

Frenchman David Ginola is another former player who echoes the thoughts of former Argentinian World Cup winner Ossie Ardiles, former skipper, England international and trophy winning centre-half Gary Mabbutt.

Ginola - £26m for scoring penalties!

“Can you believe that Spurs last year spent [over] £100million on players? 

“They bought players like Soldado, £26m, for what? For scoring penalties? 

“To be honest, I can find players who score penalties for less than that.
The Tottenham players will have to get used to hard work with Mauricio Pochettino employing two training sessions a day. Former winger Ginola, now a TV pundit but also taking his coaching badges, also feels the Ardentinian will need time to provide success.

“He had a great season with Southampton and we’re looking at a very promising manager. He works well with the players and he’s dedicated to his job. 

“I don’t want to see someone like Pochettino, or any other name, walking into the job and thinking he might be sacked in one or two years.

“You need to work for at least three to five years to bring success back to a club.”

His teams have to be supremely fit to play the style he wants so let's hope his muscle injury prevention training is as successful at Spurs as it was at Southampton.

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