Friedel - Sherwood was an interim appointment

Tottenham Hotspur reserve goalkeeper Brad Friedel has spoken to BBC Radio 5Live and confirmed that Tim Sherwood was appointed as an interim boss.

Friedel - Sherwood was an interim appointment

"I thought Tim, especially in his first managerial job, conducted himself very well.

"He wears his heart on his sleeve. He was asked to take control on an interim basis with players who weren't necessarily his and I think he did really well."

From the beginning it was clear to me that the 18 month contract was merely a smokescreen to prevent our gutter minority from hurling childish abuse at him. Every club has them, Rafa Benitez had to endure it at Chelsea so Levy sought to put up a smokescreen that fooled the press and many fans for a while.

Clearly however the players knew as Spurs were sounding out people behind the scenes. Agents within the game naturally tell their other clients and it becomes common knowledge within the game. Spurs players knew he was only a temporary boss until the World Cup as Sherwood himself pointed out, the players were telling him his future, not his employers.

Sherwood was naturally hoping that he performed a miracle with a set of layers who weren't his, he wasn't allowed to bring in any players in January, why would you have an interim boss buy players. The results he achieved would have seen us finish 4th over a whole season despite everything, that isn't worth the vile abuse he received.

"Yes, I think he's good enough to do the job in the Premier League, whether with Tottenham or somebody else. I think he has a great future ahead of him, as do Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey, who I'm sure he will have on his staff if he's fortunate enough to get another job."

Daniel Levy inserted a termination clause into the 18 month contract that allowed him to remove Sherwood at the end of the season, that was always the plan. Louis Van Gaal was to be the next boss, that verbal agreement was already in place.

The spanner came in the form of Manchester United who tipped him off that they were going to sack David Moyes and asked him to wait for that job. Cesare Prandelli signed a new contract with Italy so Levy had to sound out his third choice, Frank de Boer.

That was when everything started to unravel and the truth started coming out. Sherwood knew he was going to be sacked whatever he did, whatever results he achieved. Naturally he was disappointed but in his heart he must have known that all along, we did.

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Departing with him are Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsay which means we have cleared the decks for the new boss to appoint his own team, there is even the position of Head of Player Development to fill, a role perhaps Ronald de Boer will be taking up if his twin brother does indeed become our next Head Coach.

To be honest I'm not sure Les Ferdinand is a good coach, he couldn't teach Jermain Defoe to attack the 6 yard box which is basic attacking, but I wish him and Chris Ramsey well.

I wish Tim Sherwood well and agree with Friedel, he has what it takes to become a top manager because he is a winner. At the moment he simply lacks the knowledge and experience.

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