Frank de Boer tailor-made for Tottenham

Frank de Boer tailor-made for Tottenham

Tottenham appear to be tailor made for Frank de Boer. Like Ajax we have history, both domestic and European.

In the world of money football Ajax play in the Champions League but no longer have any realistic chance of winning it. Tottenham have built themselves back up from a bankrupt mid-table club to one perennially on the cusp of the Champions League with the sixth best income in the Premier League.

That provides us with more muscle than Ajax, we can spend more on players, pay more wages and have taken both Jan Vertonghen and Christian Eriksen from the Dutch champions to play in the league the world wants to watch more than any other.

The mood among Spurs fans is that we are nearly there, we are nearly regularly a Champions League team, it's just a short step away. That short step is in fact a large step, our players have yet to learn how to get over the winning line, usually stumbling when it is in sight.

The feel is of a sleeping giant and that is exactly the feeling Frank de Boer has about Tottenham. He wants to leave his mark on a club so people can say Frank de Boer did that.

"Those two clubs [Liverpool or Tottenham] are clubs that I think in the future I could be a manager of.

"I think the history of the clubs and what you can do with the team is my cup of tea."

Ronald de Boer who himself won the Champions League, Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup, La Liga, five Dutch titles and a host of trophies spoke recently about the speculation surrounding his brother. Ronald also works at Ajax as their A1 coach, which is the final phase of the Ajax youth development system.

"I think it's a nice club, the history, I always think it's one of the most attractive clubs in the Premier League. It is a club with ambition and able to spend.

"Additionally they have already Jan Vertonghen and Christian Eriksen, who obviously know Frank well. They have a lot of quality, so there is something to be achieved.

"For Frank, it is really a question of feeling. It is also very important what the club wants, what the philosophy is and the type of game. I think that in the end will make the difference."

The Ajax of Frank de Boer like to play football and that is just what the Tottenham board and fans want to see, attractive football that gets results. The club have a long-term strategy to work with and develop youth, which is exactly the Ajax way and the method Frank de Boer prefers.

"We know if we want to survive, we have to generate new players. I like it more that way than just buying.”

What Tottenham want appears to be in harmony with what De Boer wants.

The comments of his brother indicate that he is ready to leave Ajax and he has himself said he wants to talk to Spurs.

"Frank has already denied Liverpool and Tottenham. Tottenham wanted to take him in January, but Frank said no.

"He also said no to Liverpool last year. He thought he was still not ready and wanted to learn more.

"Now he’s ready though. We’ll have to wait and see (what offers he gets).

"It's important for Frank to get the right club otherwise he won't leave Ajax. He's very happy there."

That right club is one he feels comfortable with, not just a job for a jobs sake but a club that fits his philosophy. He is said to be intrigued about taking over an evolving team with potential for growth. Two such teams are Tottenham and Barcelona. We know the managerial situation at one but not what will happen this summer at Barcelona after a disappointing season by their standards.

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Danish defender Nicolai Boilesen would rather he didn't. He has been with Ajax since 2009 after joining from Brondby. In 2011 he moved up to the senior ranks so is well placed to comment upon the qualities Frank de Boer. He has spoken to DR Sporten and revealed two traits that would be very useful to Tottenham.

"I'm hoping our coach will stay for at least another year. He has been really important to us and he's had a huge part in these four championships we've won.

"He's just tactically very clever and he is a very good coach in relation to personnel management."

Patrick Kluivert says Frank de Boer reminded him of Pep Guardiola. You always felt he would be successful. De Boer was Assistant Coach with Holland when they were runners-up in the 2010 World Cup.

"Like Pep Guardiola as a player, you could see Frank would become a trainer.

"He is a winner. He wanted to win everything, even card games, anything other than football, he wanted to win, and that's the most important thing everybody needs to have. That's the most important thing, that you are a winner.

"He is a big trainer coming, absolutely."

Kluivert won the Champions League, La Liga and a host of other trophies and as I have been writing in the Spurs Need To Go Mental series, knows without a winning mentality you won't win anything. It is that mentality that makes you put in extra and do whatever is required to improve yourself and win. Tim Sherwood has it, Frank de Boer has it.

Tottenham need a manager with that mentality to instil it in the players, that simply can not be stressed enough.

Talent = Failure
Talent + Mentality = Success

He has spent most of his career playing and working with his twin brother. If Frank de Boer came would his brother then take over the running of our academy.

A tactically astute manager who was a top player, good with people, who likes working with youth, plays attractive football, likes our club and is a winner.

What's not to like about this guy.

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