Finances say Spurs should finish 6th

The Guardian have published their usual piece on club finances. The Tottenham Hotspur break down is below.

The wage bill reflects where you are likely to finish in the Premier League. Spurs have the sixth highest wage bill so finishing fifth is an over achievement.

Accounts for the year to 30 June 2013

Ownership: Enic International Limited, registered in the Bahamas (tax haven), owns 85% of Spurs. Joe Lewis, resident in the Bahamas, has the controlling, 70.6% ownership of Enic, with chairman Daniel Levy and family owning the other 29.4%

Turnover: 6th in league, £147m (up from £144m in 2012)
1st Man U £363m, 2nd Arsenal £283m, 3rd Man City £271m, 4th Chelsea £260m, 5th Liverpool £206m

Match receipts: £33m (6th)
1st Man U £109m, 2nd Arsenal £93m, 3rd Chelsea £71m, 4th Liverpool £45m, 5th Man City £40m

TV and media: £57m (6th)
1st Chelsea £105m, 2nd Man U £102m, 3rdMan City £88m, 4th Arsenal £86m, 5th Liverpool £64m, 7th Everton £56m

All commercial activities: £57m (5th)
1st Man U £153m, 2nd Man City £143m, 3rd Liverpool £98m, 4th Chelsea £84m, 6th Arsenal £44m

Wage bill: 6th highest, £96m (up from £90m in 2012)
1st Man City £233m, 2nd Man U £181m, 3rd Chelsea 3rd £179m, 4th Arsenal £154m, 5th Liverpool £132m

Wages as proportion of turnover: 65% (5th lowest)
1st Man U 50%, 2nd Arsenal 54%, 3rd West Ham 62%, 4th Liverpool 64% (Chelsea 9th 69%, Man City 17th 86%)

Profit before tax: £4m (up from £7m loss in 2012)
Net debt: £55m (10th)
1st Chelsea £958m, 2nd Man U £295m, 6th Liverpool £114m, 7th Arsenal £93m, 11th Man City £54m)

Interest payable: £8m
Highest paid director: £1.658m paid to Daniel Levy

Spurs finished fourth in 2012 under Harry Redknapp, fifth last season under Andre Villas-Boas, and currently sit comfortably sixth this season under Sherwood.

That is roughly where our finances say we belong ( 6th highest income, 6th highest wage bill).

These finances only serve to highlight my point in the the Spurs Need To Go Mental series. If we simply do what everyone else is doing we haven't a chance, we have to take the lead and fine tune recruitment through world class mental analysis of a potential player.

We have to improve our players greater than other clubs improve their players which if just left to the players is never going to happen. Tottenham have to take the mental side of the game more seriously if we are to achieve our goals.

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