Ferdinand - Players mentality is not Top 4

Regular readers of this blog will remember a series I ran called Spurs Need To Go Mental where I discussed the mental weakness within the current Spurs squad and club.

Ferdinand - Players mentality is not Top 4

In 12 parts I discussed various remedies and ways in which the club could improve itself both on and off the field. All off field improvements help to engender a culture of improvement and complement the improvement that could and should be made on the field.

I have been saying for a while now that the players we have are not winners mentally and the mental side of sport is everything.

Now former striker and current Tottenham coach Les Ferdinand has suggested on Sky Sports Goals on Sunday programme that the problem Spurs players have is not their ability but their mentality.

"When we talk about top four, the problem with Tottenham at the moment isn't the players' abilities I think you're looking at the mentality.

"You don't get beat fours and fives by people in the top four if it isn't about your mentality. When you go to those teams in the top four you need to have a bit of swagger about you. Tottenham need to find that.

"They also need some continuity. The difficult thing for us is that you're at the club and you've got five months to prove yourself but if people realise you're not going to be there at the end of those five months they no longer need to impress you. They're going to wait for the next manager and make sure they're right to impress the next manager.

"That goes to the support staff as well. I'm not saying anyone let us down but if your mentality is 'a new manager is coming in', whatever the current manager is shouting about you're not going to listen to him are you?"

How do we expect to achieve top 4 if the players are either not top 4 standard or not top 4 standard mentally. Sports science moves forward all the time and Tottenham should appoint a Sports Psychologist to work with the players but to run the rule over any potential purchases.

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If they don't mentally come up to scratch then you don't buy them, simple as that. Those that do are the one who will drive themselves to improve every day, those players turn into Gareth Bale and Christian Eriksen.

It's time Tottenham took the gamble out of transfers and become world leaders in mentally assessing future purchases. A squad of players with the drive to improve like Bale and Eriksen is a squad that is going to go places.

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