De Boer confirms interest in Spurs

The great misinterpretation game continues with the gullible believing Frank de Boer has ruled himself out of the Tottenham job. That is in fact not the case.

De Boer confirms interest in Spurs

We have had unsavoury claim and counter claim all while their is no position to fill. It is illegal for Spurs to approach De Boer and have merely made a courtesy call to Marc Overmars, something they don't deny as they haven't been specifically asked the question.

It's all a game of words until after the Aston Villa game with clubs and managers having to say the right thing publicly and Frank de Boer has done just that to Voetbal International.

"I have no intention to leave. I'm happy to work another year at Ajax.

"Again, I do not mind talking to an interesting club. That includes Spurs. "But there is no interest. I expect to lead the first session (at Ajax) on 23 June."

What we have here appears to say he is not coming to Spurs but there is the interpretation and the true meaning to consider. How the English interpret something is not necessarily how the Dutch interpret the same thing. My brother speaks the language and worked in Holland for a few years.

He confirms the phrase 'there is no interest' does not actually mean there is no interest in joining Spurs.

'I have no intention to leave,' well no no manager ever does. I have no intention of walking into a shut door but it can still happen. The Ajax supporters have to be appeased, what if Tottenham don't offer him enough money for instance or not enough control. If he decides after an interview or meeting with Daniel Levy that he doesn't want the Tottenham job then he can't have burnt his bridges with Ajax and the fans.

He must therefore keep them sweet and has had to backtrack, 'I am happy to work another year at Ajax.' Again that doesn't mean he is leaving in a year bu that he is happy to stay if he receives no better offers. That is clear when he says 'I do not mind talking to an interesting club. That includes Spurs.'

'There is no interest. I expect to lead the first session on 23 June' is merely PR. All he is saying is there is not intent to leave at this stage. The intent to leave won't happen until after any talks and he has made a decision.

What he has now done is give himself a get out clause. If he doesn't leave he can point to this statement to say I never had any intention of leaving Ajax, which of course is nonsense or he would be willing to talk to other interesting clubs. If he does leave he can point to other statements and say it was always my desire to come to a great club like Tottenham with their history etc etc etc.

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Talking to the press is merely a game, a game to be played to appease everyone if you can, to put yourself in a position where you cover all bases.

Nothing has changed here, he still wants to talk to Spurs and if he likes what he hears he'll consider joining. If Daniel Levy likes what he hears he'll consider making an offer.

Until such time as there is a vacant position, legally nothing can happen. The only question is how much public relations speak will we have to listen to before the official approach takes place upon Tim Sherwood's departure.

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