Daniel Levy is John Terry

Tim Sherwood responded to questions about Daniel Levy at his Friday press conference.

“Yeah, I’ve said it and I haven’t changed my mind, Daniel Levy wants the best for this football club. Always does. I’ve always felt that about him.

“I don’t know if he’s misunderstood because I don’t read what people are saying about him too often, but he really does want the best for the club."
Daniel Levy is John Terry

He certainly is misunderstood by many fans. He has taken the club from nowhere to a top 6 club both financially and on the pitch, usually a top 5 club and sometimes a top 4 club. That are realistically where our wage bill puts us and the wage bill determines the quality of player you can get. Finishing sixth is average, anything above that and we are doing better than our resources dictate we should.

Having a long-term manager is clearly the goal, but it has to be the right manager of course, it can't just be any manager for the sake of it as Tim Sherwood rightly says.

“I do think the next move has to be the long-term future. It cannot be someone in and gone again. Without stability you’re never going to achieve anything.”

Recently we have had Harry Redkapp who wasn't building anything for the future, essential for any manager of Spurs and he then shot himself in the foot when nearly going to jail on tax evasion charges. That hardly improves the brand image and does nothing to attract sponsors . He then of course virtually stopped work at Tottenham thinking he would be appointed England manager.

Next come Andre Villas-Boas who didn't live up to the billing. A manager has to work with a club so when you refuse to obey instructions from your boss you are never going to last. Add to that a refusal to talk to his own assistant, Steffen Freund and alienating both staff and players he made his own position untenable.

Interim boss Tim Sherwood has fulfilled his criteria, more attack, more goals and has quite rightly put a few noses out of joint. The shallowness of a bunch of players doing the club a favour by turning out for us has been exposed for all to see.

Daniel Levy is John TerryCompare the reaction of our payers to the reaction of John Terry after the Athletico Madrid game. Only one of them has shown the attitude and mentality of a winner and that's John Terry. Bitch about him all you want but the guy has the steel and determination missing in our players, the closest we have is Michael Dawson. Mentally Terry is vastly superior to half the players we have, as is Frank Lampard.

Daniel levy has a similar mental makeup when it comes to running Spurs.

He wanted Louis Van Gaal to build something but Manchester United took him away. Now it's a new candidate with Frank de Boer seemingly at the head of the queue. On paper he looks the right man. On paper AVB looked the right man and his appointment made the vast majority of Spurs fans happy so those same fans shouldn't be complaining that Levy hired him in the first place, but they do.

You only know if you have the right man when he is post and you are seeing what he is doing every day. Fans don't see that, only the staff get to see and know what is going on. Levy will know when he has found the right man when he sees him at work, we won't.

Managers or Head Coaches as we now have are just like players they come with different ability levels. We have had managers to bring us to a certain level, now it's time to find the quality manager who will take us to the next level. As yet he has not been found, hopefully Frank de Boer will be that man.

Tottenham at the moment don't look like a top 4 team and yet under Tim Sherwood the results since he took over place us 4th in the league with only Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool having better results.

That is a simple fact and if you asked any Spurs fan would they be happy with 4th then there would be few dissenters. Yet a section of Spurs fans hurl childish abuse for achieving just what they would be happy with the club achieving.

Tim Sherwood and John Terry both have that winning mentality that separates them from the merely talented footballer. Daniel Levy has in his own way that same desire for success. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing how he goes about it but the bottom line is he wants a winning Spurs competing at the top table. Tim Sherwood has confirmed that twice now.

“He [Daniel Levy] will make a decision based on what he thinks or based on what people are talking to him think is the best move for the long-term future of the club."

We have one of the better chairmen in the league and it's a matter of time before we make that next step. When we do a whole new world will open up and trophies once again become a possibility.

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