Daft Eto'o stories

I had to check it wasn't April Fools when I read about this story a couple of days ago, a 33 year-old on over £150,000 a week, nuts.

Daft Eto'o stories

The has scored 9 premier League goals in 16 games so yes he can score but a 2-year contract for a 33 year-old, I don't believe a word of it.

Our rivals at the top of the table offer one year deals when players reach this age and I'm sure we would be no different but this is the former most expensive player in the world. He is a mercinary who goes anywhere for money.

What is Daniel Levy going to offer him a 50% pay cut to £75,000 a week? He hardly fits out transfer policy and would simply be a short term fix. How he would stand up to a whole campaign is guesswork, having only made 16 Premier League appearances, 5 as sub.

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There is no doubt he is a quality finisher, one incident against us at Stamford Bridge showed that with Jan Vertonghen hacking the ball into his path while on the floor. Eto'o did what great strikers do, he anticipated what could happen and made a move just in case thus gaining the advantage over our defence.

More than anything else that showed a footballing brain and highlighted what I have talked about many times, you have to read a game and anticipate not react to situations if you want to be a top player. He has the mental side of the game so many of our players lack so there are positives to any proposed deal.

For the money he would want though it's too big a risk to take, besides it is believed Jose Mourinho has already sounded him out about an extension.

Will he take long to weigh up a £150,000 a week offer from Chelsea or a £75,000 a week offer from us! Don't think so.

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