Bale - Champions League final is why I left Spurs

Gareth Bale has a mental desire to improve and a boyhood dream to play for Real Madrid, no doubt imagining himself in the white strip lifting the Champions League.

Bale - Champions League final is why I left Spurs

He has worked his whole life to make that dream come true, it hasn't just fallen into his lap by accident. He has worked hard at his game with a single minded determined desire, the sort that produces winners.

At Tottenham he developed, impressed and when we hadn't made the Champions League wanted to move but the quality player he was he wasn't yet great so Real Madrid didn't hold the desire to secure him. Fans knew he may leave but Daniel Levy convinced him to give the club one more season and he'd listen to an acceptable offer if one came in.

That season Bale carried Spurs, developed the double bending free-kick and transported himself to world star status. Once again no Champions League and this time Real Madrid wanted him.

There was never going to be any other outcome and the summer long negotiations ended with a world record transfer fee move. While Spurs have gone backwards, Bale is going to a Champions League final with 21 goals to his name including a stunning winner in the Copa del Rey Final against Barcelona.

He impressed Zinidine Zidane so much with not just his ability, but because he was a different type of player with the ability to score at key moments in a game. He felt he was the missing piece that would allow them to regain the Champions League and told president Florentino Perez that he must buy Bale.

A goal in the last 5 minutes of the Copa del Rey final and now a Champions League final prove Zidane was right. Bale himself feels the final shows moving was the right thing to do for him.

"Any player will tell you that they want to go out and win trophies and be playing in massive games in the Champions League.

"For me, I felt the time was right to leave Tottenham and go to Real Madrid for the exact reasons I am experiencing now.

"As a player you want to come to the best club in the world and you want to win trophies, to win the Champions League.

"The reason why everyone plays football is to win things and to play in these games is massive for any footballer."

The Spanish have nicknamed him 'The Cannon' due to the spectacular goals he score but Bale is not resting thinking he has made it simply because he is at Real Madrid.

In true winners mentality style he is looking to improve his game, specifically he wants to improve his positioning to put him in better positions to score more goals. He feels Cristiano Ronaldo has helped him there despite people expecting him to resent Bale's arrival.

"Cristiano has been very supportive.From the first day I came in, he has been there for me. On day one he gave me advice on the best areas to live and stuff like that.

"We talk a lot; have a good  relationship on and off the pitch. I’ve learned a bit of everything from him. The way he plays and gets himself into certain positions; it’s a chance to learn off one of the best players in the world. Hopefully, that will improve me as a player.

"I don’t think there’s anything specific [I need to improve], it is more my all-round game, positioning-wise. I need to get myself into more goal-scoring positions.

"Every year I try to keep improving and I tell myself that if I keep working hard I will get better."

That sentence along tells you the difference between Gareth Bale and Spurs players, between a winner and a loser. With the right mentality you strive to improve every day, you don't go through the motions waiting for a season to end or be to lazy to learn a new language.

Your off field life affects your on field life so you should be doing everything you can to integrate and feel comfortable. Can Spurs signings say they have? There are plenty of talented players but they don't have the Bale desire, couple the two and you create true star players.

It's imperative Tottenham start to look at a players mentality before signing him, we clearly don't do it to an acceptable standard. We should work to become world leaders at it then perhaps we'll stop wasting money each summer and finally create that winning team.

The time was right to go to Madrid. I am really glad I did it. I am trying to embrace everything, trying to enjoy the ride. It was also important to not only have some friends over but some family as well. I have got a great team around me.

"I always had confidence in my ability and the fact we are now chasing the 10th [Champions League] title, against our city rivals, is very exciting.

"Madrid has a real buzz about it. It’s football mad at the best of times but there’s a real sense of anticipation."

In what has become a boring competition it would be great to see Bale score a trademark goal, not having watched any game so far, I'll tune in to the Champions League final to watch him once again.

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