Adebayor - I want my best season ever

The man who came in from the cold Emmanuel Adebayor saved Tottenham's season from total disaster and the man to credit for that is Tim Sherwood.

Adebayor - I want my best season ever

Without Adebayor goodness knows where we would have finished, his 13 goals since his Andre Villas-Boas imposed exile have been absolutely vital.

He was asked about Tim Sherwood by the press after the 10 man defeat to West Ham at the weekend.

“Hopefully he will stay, but I am not the chairman. No matter where he goes, I will always keep him in my heart. I have a huge respect for him, as a manager, a friend, as an ex-footballer, because he knows what it takes to be a footballer. He respects everyone equally, and for me he is a great man and great manager.” 

Adebayor can't hide the fact that Tottenham have had a poor season and underachieved, despite Sherwood learning fast. Ade was open about his disappointment.

“For us as a club and a team of players, yes, we’re all disappointed. Now we will go away on holiday, refresh our bodies, and hopefully next season will be better.

“The past three or four months have not been that bad, with a lot of positives to take, and we have to learn from our mistakes and I think we can do better than this season."

Spurs fans eyes are on next season and a new manager to turn our fortunes around. The bare minimum will be to get back to where we were and challenge for third or fourth again.

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For Adebayor he is looking forward to having his first untroubled pre-season for quite a while and then his best season ever.
“I just want to forget the bad times and learn from the good games I have played, and work hard for next season. I want to have a really good pre-season, which I have not had for the last three years, and hopefully this will lead to my best season ever.”  

An Adebayor with his right head on is an asset, let's hope the new manager continues to instil that confidence in him and we see the smiling Ade that produces the consistent quality we know he is capable of.

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