Why wasn't Steffen Freund appointed?

I'll come to Steffen shortly but first news of Vertonghen, plus the midfield in need of a Sherwood roasting and entertainment for the fans in the shape of a 4-4-2.

Jan 'shall I limp or shall I not' Vertonghen has had a scan on his injury and unsurprisingly given the way he happily strolled off there is no serious damage. I could have told them that without bothering with a scan!

The I don't want to be here defender is expected to miss our next fixture which will mean Dawson and Kaboul forming a defensive pairing. That in itself is solid enough. Rose and Naughton while not the worlds best are usually competent.

What will our midfield be? Goodness knows, Dembele should start, he should have started at Anfield as he is one player who has not shirked responsibility. The midfield simply must press the opposition. They can not remain 40 yards from an exasperated Soldado and give the opposition all the time in the world on the ball.

If those circumstances anyone can pick out a pass and the defence having a hope of keeping a clean sheet. Forget the mistakes the defence are making for the moment because mentally they are under intense pressure thanks to the laziest midfield we have seen in years.

I exclude Bentaleb and Sandro from that because both and trying, one is not fit and one is learning. It is the four players in front of them who are all experienced enough and should know better. Aaron Lennon, whether you want to criticise the guy or not is a trier. He works his socks off defensively as well as providing going forward, if he is given the ball early enough and in space to be able to run at the defender.

Aaron Lennon

He has a wealth of experience at a young age. At the moment he is being given the ball in situations where he has no opportunity to do anything and then has to watch while everyone else doesn't bother with the pressing game.

Our midfield only want to play when they have the ball, when they don't they basically want to sit down and have a cup of tea while someone else wins the ball back and gives it to them. We played Arsenal and we played as a team, the midfield worked, the team tried. Composure in front of goal or with the final ball and we would have won.

Two league games later the midfield decide not to bother. That is not a managerial decision, that is not instructions from Sherwood, that is the players. Eriksen has played wide all season, Sigurdsson has played wide, the number 10, the link player and defensive midfield for either us or Iceland so knows all the roles. I have no idea why Chadli is playing number 10 and Eriksen wide, we bought Chadli as a wide man, perhaps we are short of central midfielders so need another one!

Centrally he looks good on the ball, adds power and some heading ability, but e haven't seen a telling pass yet and we haven't seem composure when through on goal. He scored a couple of nice goals from wide and latched onto a Kane header against Benfica but what does he do when we don't have the ball? He totally deserted Soldado who had 4 defenders to chase himself, no wonder he threw his arms up and started walking.

On the positive side there are only 6 more shambolic performances to go. Praise to Hugo Lloris at the moment, he might be making his usual mistake, but he has professional pride and is producing the goods to embarrass some of his lazy teammates.

If the midfield is not going to press then we can't play a high line which means we need to counter-attack at speed. We therefore need fast wide men which shouts Townsend and Lennon. Yes that causes us problems with a midfield two but we have not seen those two fit together running at defences all season. When Townsend came back from injury it took an age to get match fit and he has done nothing since.

Let's free them up for 6 games and entertain the fans with two wide men running at defences, at least we can enjoy that, at least we can have something to watch, to excite us. Slow ponderous balls out wide so they are marked with two men s useless for speed merchants, you are asking them to perform miracles all the time.

If Adebayor needs another game rest on his cut foot I would be quite happy to see Harry Kane or Eriksen partner Soldado with crosses from Lennon and Townsend. A central midfield of Dembele and Sandro or if he needs further rest Bentaleb with Zeki Fryers getting a run out at left-back. He makes mistakes but he also defends instead of attacking and right now with the left side a massive weakness we need that.

Sherwood has obviously found that management is a lot harder than he thought. Retaining a cool clear calm head is not on his CV. Under pressure that is how you need to make decisions, you do not need to be ranting and raving the way England fans seemed to think Sven Goran Eriksson should do.

Chris Ramsey has taken over the touchline duties and you can see him looking concerned and thinking. However I don't actually recall him giving any instructions to the players at all. I assume he must be but I just haven't seen it. Les Ferdinand is there to keep the bench warm it seems.

Why wasn't Steffen Freund appointed? What exactly have the club have asked him to do? He seems to be the forgotten man at Tottenham.

Why wasn't Steffen Freund appointed?
Why wasn't Steffen Freund appointed?

He was Assistant Head Coach to Andre Villas-Boas before the German told him his tactics were wrong. Freund was then banned from the front of the bench to sit with the subs and he hasn't returned since. All he does is sit on the end taking notes at the minute.

Steffen Freund is an international who coached the German U16 and U17 sides successfully. He had coaching experience, coaching badges, was working with the first team, would he not have been a better option if Daniel Levy didn't want Glenn Hoddle?

I doubt very much we would have been in the mess we are now had he been appointed. I doubt very much he would have lost the dressing room the way Tim Sherwood has. Is Sherwood still in charge or is Chris Ramsey running the show with Sherwood as the public figure head?

Sitting in the stands to get a better view is a load of rubbish. I can't influence the game was a very telling remark. That tells me nobody is listening to him so there is no point him saying anything, otherwise you would be on the touchline trying to change things the way every manager in the league does.

Let me take you back to the Chelsea game when Sherwood gave the players a public roasting. It was great for the fans, it's what we wanted to do but at the time Gary Lineker tweeted that it was the wrong thing to do, that it was the fastest way to lose a dressing room.

He said you do it in private. Well watching the Liverpool performance you have to say he had a point, that was just 20 days ago. I think we are seeing he has well and truly lost the dressing room and can forget all the bluster about next season.

Perhaps Chris Ramsey and Steffen Freund should be allowed to take the coaching and pick the team for the last 6 games, just let Tim do the media work.

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