What is Sherwood smoking?

Tim Sherwood has apparently taken up smoking hallucinogenic drugs, he must have done if he values Hugo Lloris at £100 million.

It a bizarre statement to the press he thinks someone would have to pay more for a goalkeeper who makes an error a game than for Gareth Bale. Not even the most blinkered Spurs fan would come up with that view.

What is Sherwood smoking?

He must be getting quite a view from his seat in the stands, I thought he said it helps him see the game better. There is a whole bunch of fans who sit in the stands and they haven't seen this wonder keeper yet, a good on, at times a very good one, but the worlds most expensive player, sound like a bit of weed at play.

“He is one of the best keepers around. Of course, people are going to want him. But I’m also sure the club won’t be tempted to get rid of him.

“He is one of the top goalies and unless someone is going to spend £100m on him – and keepers do not get bought for that money – I don’t think he will leave.

“It was only that kind of figure that tempted the club to sell Gareth Bale – and he desperately wanted to leave and progress his career at Real Madrid. He hasn’t got to play a blinder for France at the World Cup because people already know what he can do. They know he is a fantastic goalie.

Clubs put price tags on players all the time to fend off interest or to encourage higher bids. However usually they are a little sensible about it, £100 million is losing your marbles stuff.

“Even if he was terrible for France, I don’t think it would make a difference as to how people view him. Everyone can recognise it.

“He has never said to me or anyone else at the club that he wants to leave. And he does not perform like he wants to leave. He gives everything all the time and that is why he is a favourite of the players and fans.”

Lloris is one of the few who have shown professionalism, he doesn't want to be thrashed every week which looks likely when the midfield decide they are not going to bother.

Our troubles stem from the midfield at the moment, not the defence. When looking for the reason for mistakes you have to look to the root cause. In our case it's because the midfield give the opposition all the time in the world to do what they like, to pick the pass they like. Any defence is going to buckle when a midfield does that and ours has.

Solve the midfield issue and the defence is under less pressure, you'll see less mistakes and less goals. The players have played a high-line often enough to know everyone has to put in their shift for it to work, the midfield have to work hardest of all.

They have to close down the man with the ball and hunt in a pack forcing the opposition to pass the ball where we want them to pass it and forcing them to do it in a hurry. Do that and we would see a different team, Hugo Lloris would then not have to perform heroics every week.

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