Townsend out for 5 weeks, is Whelan proud?

Andros Townsend is in danger of missing the World Cup after his MRI scan showed ankle ligament damage that will keep him out for 5 weeks.

Townsend out for 5 weeks

Stoke City did it again with their rough house tactics as Whelan tackled Townsend near the right hand touchline.  The Stoke player played the ball with his left foot but illegally following through with his right leg to damage the Spurs winger ankle ligaments.

The referee who was incompetent throughout for both sides, did nothing.

You could argue Whelan should have been sent off after 3 minutes when he dived in with both feet off the ground and studs showing to play the ball out with the Spurs player fortunately not going in to contest a challenge thus avoiding potential series injury to his ankle.

That type of tackle is a straight red because you are not in control of the tackle. If you are diving in with both feet off the floor you can't stop or do anything until you land and that makes it serious foul play. The referee had a poor game from that point on. He should have sent off 4 players, 2 from each side and booked others, including the Whelan tackle on Townsend.

Townsend has 45 days and is expected to take 35 to recover so his place in Roy Hodgson's World Cup squad is hanging by a thread. I hope Whelan is feeling proud of himself, he'll no doubt get a pat on the back from Charlie Adam.

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