Tottenham to sign Swiss cheese

Another day and more rubbish in the press this time it's a swap deal with Napoli involving Jan Vertonghen and Velon Behrami.

Tottenham to sign Swiss cheese

The Jan Vertonghen angle is fair enough, we know he wants Champions League football and we know he hasn't bothered trying for the last few months. He wants away so naturally stories we be penned. But couldn't the press make them at least realistic.

An ex West Ham midfielder for goodness sake. Firstly he was not a great player at West Ham and secondly the Swiss player isn't good enough to get into the Napoli team, he has only made 15 starts this season. In addition to us supposedly interested in a Napoli second team player for Vertonghen there is a small matter I would raise, how many midfielders do we have at the moment!

Why on earth would we be talking if Napoli were going to offer us an ordinary player in a position where we have hundreds of them, well almost.

Lennon, Dembele, Sigurdsson, Holtby, Sandro, Capoue, Bentaleb, Carroll, Paulinho, Townsend, Eriksen, Lamela, Chadli, Livermore that's 14 midfielders for goodness sake.

We want to strengthen in one or two key areas says Daniel Levy. What exactly does Behrami strengthen, the Development squad?

Swiss cheese, wikipedia tells me, is a generic name for varieties of cheese in North America that has holes in it. I'm afraid this Swiss player story has just as many holes in it.

Jan Vertonghen to Russia was just as far fetched. Old boss joins new club wants former player shock. Where have I heard that headline before. What intellectual genius dreamt that one up.

Top players in the Premier League, the biggest and most watched league in the world do not go to Russia. The only reason a player goes to Russia is for money or if they are from South America to get a foothold and known in Europe. Why would any player take a downward step?

Far more likely are the stories linking him with Liverpool or Manchester United, however Daniel Levy wouldn't want to sell him to another Premier League club so Barcelona then become favourites.

Russia is nonsense, a Behrami swap with Napoli is nonsense.

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