Tottenham fighting

Tim Sherwood will receive unjust criticism and childish hatred from a section of Spurs fans simply because he is Tim Sherwood. Looking beyond that small minded mentality there are good aspects to his time in charge.

Tottenham Fighting

Now there is a lot wrong but there are positives and one of the main ones is that everyone has to fight for a place. Far too many players have come out shouting me me me in the lead up to a World Cup simply because they quite rightly are not being picked, they have not been good enough when they have been.

If you are out the team and it is a squad of 25, not a team of 11, then you should be training as hard as possible, seeking to improve your game every day and show of the training ground you deserve and are ready to claim your place back when an opportunity presents itself.

Playing for yourself is not an option. The team come first and you have to fight for the team. Paulinho needed a kick up the backside and got one by being left out, Sandro needed the same. Tim Sherwood has to be praised for demanding you fight for a place in the side and telling the players who are not in the side you have to improve and or get back to your best in training.

That is how it should be at every club, it's healthy, yet some Spurs fans seem to think teams should be picked on reputation, even if a player is playing poorly consistently, Sandro being a case in point.

Tottenham were rolling over and not trying just a couple of months ago but now they do at least fight, usually having gone behind. Before the last two games we had conceded the first goal in 10 of the last 11 fixtures. The performance against Stoke was a battling one.

In true Stoke fashion they played the man and tried to ruffle us up, use playground bully boy tactics basically, assisted in that mentality by the crowd it has to be said.If you watched the crowd during the game you wouldn't be selling up and moving to Stoke in a hurry!

Tim Sherwood praised our battling qualities in not buckling under the pressure as teams in the past have done.

"At this stage of the season it's about trying to get the points. It can't always be pretty, sometimes you have to dig in and work for each other and I thought we certainly didn't look like a team who had their sunglasses and flip-flops packed ready to go on holiday.

"They've realised there's still a job to be done for the great travelling support that we bring and they will try their best right to the death.

"We've got two more games. We go away to West Ham, which is a derby that we need to win, and then we come home and we're going to send them away happy after beating Aston Villa in the last game of the season. That's what the plan is."

It took Brendon Rodgers a season to get Liverpool playing the way he wanted and in that time they were dreadful if you listen to their fans. Tim Sherwood has only been in the job a few months so has little chance of imposing a style of play, he had to find a quick fix that was entertaining and created goals.
Champions League as I pointed out at the time was not an option, it was unrealistic, that bird had already flown because we were miles behind the top four in terms of quality. The results against them back that up. Sherwood now has a squad that is fighting and scoring goals. Yesterday it was the fighting qualities that shone through and a game like that will have been excellent for Zeki Fryers and Harry Kane to have been involved in.
"I continue to do my job, prepare the players the best I can and make sure they are up for the fight right until the final whistle of the season. If we continue to win, then all good.

"It's a tough place to come, and we knew that. They've taken some big scalps here, they've only been beaten three times, and probably on everyone’s coupon this was a banana skin, but it never looked like that.

"The criticism of Tottenham teams in the past sometimes was they didn't want to fight it out but this team don't roll over and they're willing to put their bodies on the line for the cause. I demand nothing less than that."
That demand is the bare minimum any fan should demand but it has not always what we have received. Now we have it fans still moan that this is not the best eleven but a best eleven is only a best eleven if those best eleven are playing their best.

If not then they shouldn't play and Sherwood should not be criticised for not playing them, but then Spurs could win every game and some fans would still moan out of prejudice.

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