Time is up for foreign flops

Time is up for a few of the foreign flops at White Hart Lane in the summer if Tim Sherwood gets his way. The Tottenham boss wants to place more emphasis on Premier League experience after the failure of some of the summer imports to adapt.

A no excuse culture was adopted at Spurs at the beginning of last season to help to instill a winning mentality. That culture is echoed throughout the club from the youth to the first team. The summer signings have been a disappointment with Chadli and Eriksen only recently starting to consistently show some form.

Brazillian £17 million signing Paulinho caught the eye early in the season but has lacked composure in front of goal and recently has been going through the motions. He has clearly been waiting for the World Cup and has not wanted to get injured again after Charlie Adams yet again set out to injure a player. Paulinho has recently expressed he is not happy with the situation at Spurs.

Paulinho admits to being lazy to learn the language

"I always want to play," he recently told Brazilian news outlet Globo Esporte.

"I understand the team rotation because that's how it works here, but I am not feeling well or comfortable. I want to be present, I want to play.

"The language is the most complicated thing as I am lazy about studying. I am learning little by little, but I don't understand everything.

"The football language is easier, that's not a problem on the pitch."

A lazy attitude is hardly ideal, it reveals an element of his character which goes a way to explaining why he has been going through the motions and why he has been therefore left on the bench. He seems to have gone into hiding in games since the Charlie Adams tackle. He does seem to have been playing very much for himself and not for Spurs, staying away from tackles and when was the least time he was seen in the opponents penalty box?.

Chiriches while showing ability with the ball at his feet  is poor without it and is not the answer at centre-back. Tottenham have been looking at other centre-back options for months now with the latest possibles mentioned, Steven Caulker and Micah Richards. Both fit in with the young proven Premier League players model and Richards is more known as being a right-back these days so would give cover and competition for Kyle Walker.

Roberto Soldado has struggled despite the ability clearly being there, Lamela simply hasn't settled and has been pining for a return to Italy, although his brother has tweeted that he is not leaving Spurs this summer.

Etienne Capoue has shown ability but not the right attitude when he found he was not an automatic first choice, something he had never experienced before and didn't like. There were signs however that he was knuckling down before injury struck to put his World Cup place in jeopardy.

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Tim Sherwood has questioned the attitude of some of them and asked them to show him which ones want to stay and his recent washing machine analogy was an accurate assessment.

"They are all internationals, but it is like fixing a washing machine with someone's tool bag, Sometimes you might not have the right bit."

It has been clear for a while that Tim Sherwood is in the role to assess which players Spurs keep and which they ship out. Players who can be relied upon 100% have a future, those that are not playing for the shirt don't.

"I've given [Levy] a list of players of who I want for next year. You need to start looking, this is the time. The chairman's got a list of the players who I would like.

"Certainly it will be players who have got Premier League experience.

"There be a list of players and if you get one you don't need to get the other. There are four or five are on there."

Time is up for foreign flops

Foreign managers work in a different manner to most Premier League clubs. Abroad the club buys the players with managerial input of course, but the manager is given the players and works with what he is given. He does not always get the player he would want. It has not stopped them being successful domestically or in Europe.

Spurs have for a while been looking to replicate a similar model, Franco Baldini was a piece of that jigsaw. In the summer Tim Sherwood is likely to become another piece. The manager or Head Coach as we now have at Tottenham advises the type of player he wants. The club then source players within their budget, narrow down the options which are then discussed with the Head Coach for final approval.

I don't see us departing away from that system any time soon. Louis Van Gaal has worked within that system and is happy to work within it at Spurs. He has been penciled in for the job since he and Daniel Levy met in December, the same way Andre Villas-Boas was appointed, only on that occasion the wait for an announcement was because of the terms of his departure from Chelsea.

Time is up for foreign flops
Louis Van Gaal is expected to join Spurs after the World Cup

Tim Sherwood has also paved the way for Van Gaal by starting to suggest Spurs need to bring on the youth at the club. This is exactly what was discussed between Levy and Van Gaal suggested the Dutch media at the time. Van Gaal is quite happy taking young players and molding them believing if you are good enough age doesn't matter, at either end of the scale.

He doesn't trust expensive stars which will be music to Daniel Levy's ears. Now whatever your views of Sherwood, and they will have deteriorated for many fans, he has been brilliant at developing the youth within the club. He has plucked Nabil Bentaleb from nowhere and the teenager has looked perfectly at home in the Premier league impressing all the experts. So when Sherwood says there is more talent coming through it is worth taking note.

"No one's seen some of the young players we have yet because it's not been the right time to bring them in. Perhaps they're not here, they might be on loan elsewhere.

"And I always say I'd never let my kids get babysat by someone who is going to teach them bad things. That's exactly the same on the football field.

"You've got to put them in with the right characters and the experienced players who want to give them boys the time to help them come on."

Some of our imports have quality, some have potential, throwing them all out and starting again is not a sensible option, developing them within a set system may well see them flourish and who knows the media may just have to start eating their words next season.

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