Tim Sherwood is spot on

Tim Sherwood has got it spot on in his assessment of the Tottenham first team squad even if a section of supporters don't like it.

Tim Sherwood is spot on

Sherwood speaks his mind and he tells it the way it is. He had given the squad a few home truths, whether you agree he should or shouldn't have done that in public is irrelevant, that's management and that's not what we are discussing here.

He recently came out with a statement Spurs fans know in their heads, if not their emotional hearts, to be true. He said at a press conference:

"I have assessed the players more than anyone. I could not tell you the best 11 players at Tottenham. They’re are all so similar, much of a muchness regarding the same quality.

"Our two exceptions are the goalkeeper and Emmanuel Adebayor, Christian Eriksen is getting there, you can't leave him out at the moment."

Sherwood was right that the players weren't trying and he is right about the Spurs squad, they are all much of a muchness, that's the problem. We sold a world class talent with the right mental attitude because he didn't want to play for us anymore.

Around him was generally mediocrity, a whole group of players who quite frankly are not winners. We wish to be a top 4 club, to do so you have to have top 4 players and that involves talent plus the mental side.

Our problem is we keep buying talent that doesn't have the mental side so whoever is in charge of this should be sacked. It is not the managers job to mentally assess players before purchase he simply doesn't have the time to do a proper job.

The Spurs Need To Go Mental series, which is up to 10 parts at the moment by the way and is released at 8.30pm UK time each evening except game day, covers this very topic.

Sandro recently tweeted and if you complain about Sherwood saying things in public then you must complain about Sandro doing the same thing. Sherwood responded when asked by the press with a very true and honest answer, at the minute he isn't good enough.

Again he was spot on. Many fans don't want to hear this, they don't want a few home truths, they don't want to hear what is staring them in the face and would see if they weren't engrossed in a blind hatred of the man.

I was extremely critical of his appointment but I then sat down and started trying to figure out why he was appointed, what were the reasons. The nonsensical notion that he somehow duped Daniel Levy into giving it to him after stabbing people in the back is farcical.

Firstly he doesn't stab in the back, he merely speaks the truth, if people don't like that, that's their problem, that's something wrong with them. AVB shot himself, nobody did it for him.

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Secondly Daniel Levy is not an idiot, he doesn't do things on a whim. Whatever he does has a reason, you just have to figure out what that reason might be and in Sherwood's case I'm sure it was to see if after a spell as a number 2 to somebody he could eventually be the long term number 1.

I will go against the grain here and say the answer to that is an emphatic yes.

Not with the knowledge he has at the moment, he has a lot to learn, but once he has added that knowledge which will take time he is going to be an excellent manager.

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