The Lamela Contradiction & Kaboul's stand up comedy routine

The Telegraph has run a story that contradicts itself immediately from the heading to the first paragraph.

The Lamela Contradiction

Tim Sherwood under pressure from Tottenham hierarchy to give Erik Lamela more playing time they shout in their headline. They then have a sub headline before the article begins.

Immediately it contradicts it's own title. Tim Sherwood is poised to face pressure to give record signing a run-out in one in one of his final games in charge, it says.

Well he is either under pressure or he is going to be under pressure, it can't be both.

The story is in fact guesswork without any quotes or evidence in any shape or form to back up it's claim. It doesn't take a genius to work out Daniel Levy wants Erik Lamela to succeed as he won't be selling him at a loss. Add to that the fact that his brother has tweeted that he is not leaving Spurs this summer and you can create a story.

The annual get your knickers in a twist over a photo has began with next seasons second new kit photo, the first effort recently emerged of a third kit. This will be the first of many first team kit efforts no doubt. As ever with shirts a design has to grow on you, I didn't like this seasons at first but it soon became OK, apart from the awful and intrusive logo on the front. I can't believe anyone out there hasn't seen it yet but here it is just in case.

The Lamela Contradiction

If you didn't see a previous effort here is that one as well.

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Next we have Younes Kaboul embarking on a new stand up comedy career, at least that's the only conclusion I can draw when he says he is getting back to his best. He needs to watch a few more game videos I suggest.

He is honest enough to admit he is not there yet and is trying. I don't think any Spurs fan doubts that he has been trying. His words highlight how difficult it is to come back from a long injury lay off and how long it takes to get match fitness and form back.

Sandro has been in the same situation, only a shadow of his former self this season, so much so that quite rightly Nabil Bentaleb is getting more game time.

A seasons pre-season training or in Sandro's case World Cup training will see them both back to form next season we hope. When fit and firing they are both high quality players and we have missed that level of performance this season.

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