The Daft Levy Petition

It's been a desperate attempt by websites to write April Fools articles with daft ground sharing that I bet some fell for hook, line and sinker, Spurs in for Damiao nonsense, Vertonghen sacked, Ancelotti and others, all of which I haven't bothered to waste my valuable time reading.

Then of course is the usual daft petition to demand the removal of the best Chairman the club has had in 40 years simply because their pride is hurt. These people have certainly forgotten the times before Levy took over and where we were when he did.

The Daft Levy Petition
Spurs chairman Daniel Levy

I haven't seen one of them propose who should take over, not one, because they simply assume that anyone must be better. Have these people not learnt yet that change for change sake is not an answer?

Harry left because we have a youth policy, Harry has a policy of get old proven players and then get another one when the first one is too old. You can not build a club future in that manner. Very very few moaned when AVB was appointed, very few. Fans were happy with the decision and happy the chairman backed him with £100 million.

The fact AVB rhen decided to alienate everyone within the club, dispatch our highest earning player to train with children and get rid of our best left-back leaving us with a Sunderland reject who most of us knew, and said, wasn't good enough. The no excuse culture went out of the window and AVB came up with excuse after excuse. When he refuse to listen to your boss then you have to all intensive purposes sacked yourself.

Sherwood was and is an interim appointment and none of us know under what criteria he is working. Do they seriously believe an intelligent major business leader would put someone with no experience in charge simply to improve the team and get results? No there are other issues at work here, issues we are not privy to, nor should we be, we are merely consumers who buy a product, no different than popping into Tesco's.

What exactly is the solution for these people, what are they proposing? Nothing apart from cross their fingers and hope, hardly a logical solution. Fortunately petitions do zilch and nobody takes any notice of them, certainly not someone sat in the Bahamas.

If the fan in the street is thinking that short term they need a wake up call, business does not operate like that. It has a strategy, a strategy that gets amended on a regular basis, a strategy that sometimes course of events dictate you have to take two steps back before you can go forward.

Look at Liverpool last year, they were utterly hopeless, the Liverpool fans hurt like we hurt, they felt they were a laughing stock. Kenny Dalglish had come and gone buying a lot of youth. They had bought, but now they have weeded out the duds, kept those like Henderson who every man and his dog said was a joke signing and built a title challenging team.

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The world knows Levy has lined up Louis Van Gaal, Van Gaal has admitted they met even though he didn't want to, he has made every noise he can without insulting his employers that he is coming to the Premier League.

The guy has won titles in Spain, Germany and Holland and won a title with a bunch of kids in an unfashionable team. He is a winner through and through, a manager to rival Jose Mourinho. The future is planned accept in deference to his current employers nobody can say so.

The solution for those petition signers. get rid of Van Gaal before he has even got here, get rid of the chairman, get rid of our future and bring in some mythical being that will wave a magic wand because the grass is always greener on the other side.

If you are going to demand change, then tell us exactly what it is you are changing it for, what is the alternative you have lined up for us. We are a club with £100 million less income from everyone else who have to build a youth policy to try and compete with the five clubs who generate move money than we do.

The pipe dream of bring in a rich Russian oligarch is absurd fantasy and quite frankly stupidity. First you can't just snap your fingers and one appear and secondly have these fans what rich Russians have done to Russian clubs?

From rich to broke and bottom if the league in 2 years, is that the gamble these people want Spurs to take?

Football is not a gambling game, football is big business first and foremost. Financial Fair Play rules are designed to make football even more of a business where you have to live within your means. ENIC do not have an obligation to invest their money, why should they, they can do what they like.

We have a well run club which is simply waiting for a few months for the World Cup. We have no devine right to a top 4 place, no devine right to Champions League football. We are not the nobody mid table club we were, we challenge each season but of course that isn't good enough anymore to the magic wand wavers.

Calling for someones head because you hurt for a few weeks is not common sense, but then calling for someones head when you have no alternatives to offer lacks common sense.

We have had one decent chairman in 40 years. Solution get rid of him and take the gamble we find something better and not someone with the ability of those we have had before.

It is not a role just anyone can do. Forum dwelling petition signers may want to gamble with the very future of the club but I'm quite happy to stick with the best chairman we have had in 40 years and enjoy Louis Van Gaal getting to work.

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