Sherwood - 'We'll win the game, simple as that'

The new relaxed interim Tim held the usual Friday press conference and gave what appeared to be a farewell speech.

Sherwood - 'We'll win the game, simple as that'

"It's been an honour to manage this great football club and I have enjoyed it. It’s been different and an experience like no other.

"Unless you have ever stood in that technical area and had the expectations of the whole football club – not only the 35,000 fans at home and those that travel away, but also the 45,000 on the waiting list at Tottenham and their support around the world – then you don’t know what it’s like to be a manager.

"Perversely, I’ve enjoyed the pressure. You hear of a lot of managers saying they could do without the pressure, but I’m not sure I could do without it now.

"I think any day in management is a learning curve. This has been a baptism of fire to be honest, but it’s certainly one that I relish. My family are saying ‘why? Why do you want to do it?’ but it’s in me and it’s something that’s inbred in me.

"I will make myself ill before I don't succeed. That's the drive I've had as a manager and I've had in life and I'm going to do it. I'm used to the continual speculation. When you guys stop asking who's coming in next year I'll go and see a doctor."

Those words clearly say I'm not going back to my old job and I'll be nobodies number 2, I want to be a manager. If only the Spurs players had shown a similar desire and determination we wouldn't be sitting where we are now, but then that is the difference between winners and losers.

Winners have Tim Sherwood's mentality, they don't need someone to motivate them to perform, they motivate themselves. If you can't do that you are just another player, not cut out for winning trophies.

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“What I said on Monday is that it’s no different whether it’s a game day or not.

“It’s just about me concentrating on the game and today I’m concentrating on the game tomorrow because it’s very important for us.

“Those questions are not for me to answer. It’s just for me to worry about the football matches and hopefully trying to win the next five games for Tottenham.”

When pressed on his future he said: “That will iron itself out in due course.

“It’s just for me to worry about preparing the team like I’ve done this week.

“We’ve had a good week’s training on the back of a good result against Sunderland. I’m worrying about going to West Brom and playing on the front foot and trying to entertain the great travelling Tottenham fans again and getting the points."

Have you noticed that he now keeps telling the press how great the Tottenham support is as if he is trying to drum up support for a farewell in his last home game. He has been brilliant as a youth developer, both in that role and as a Head Coach so he deserves a resounding three cheers when he does depart.

“My main priority is preparing the team as well as I possibly can to win the game because as much as the fans read speculation, ultimately they want to come to the game on a Saturday or midweek and see their team win.

“Now if I was to take my eye off the ball and neglect what we’re doing on the training field then it wouldn’t prepare the team in the best possible way.

“I owe it to the club and to myself and to the players to be professional and that’s what I’m trying to be.

"I always make it clear to the boys that anyone else's need can be no greater than our own. We have five cup finals left. I think we can take maximum points from the remaining games.

"We are focused. I think people sometimes think come World Cup year that some guys will take a rest before that, but one player, Nacer Chadli, for instance, has really come to the front in recent weeks and shows he wants to go to the World Cup in good form.

"This will be a tough game at West Brom. I was in charge when they got a draw at the Lane. They have got good players and can be a threat, but if we play anything like we can, get the rub of the green and get some decisions going our way, we match their endeavour and their desire, we'll win the game. Simple as that."

"I think Christian's been excellent for the club. He's improving and he'll continue to improve, he's still such a young man at 22 years of age.

"He assists goals, he scores goals, he really does affect the match, but that's not something that just happens. It's because he's a fantastic trainer, he dedicates his life to football. You're never going to see a problem with Christian outside of football, he's totally married to the game and it shows when he's on the field."

Sherwood sees it and calls it the same as supporters, he can see who has been trying, who hasn't, who is producing, who isn't.

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