Sherwood - Top 4 never an option

Tim Sherwood has confirmed what I suspected and wrote about when I sat down to think why he had been appointed.

Sherwood - Top 4 never an option

Champions League football was never on the agenda, his remit was to improve the football. I long suspected that was the case as you simply don't put a work experience kid in charge if you want to achieve something. There had to be another motive.

That motive I felt was for him to take on the number 2 role next season and become full time boss in a few years. Sherwood himself scuppered  that idea but with Van Gaal not a certainty at White Hart Lane who knows there could be another twist yet.

"We think it (fourth place) is unrealistic and we are trying to get as many points as possible.

"It was never the brief to get us in to the top four. My brief was to improve the quality of football being played."

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In his usual Friday press conference before the weekend fixtures Sherwood was asked if David Moyes would be taking over, as if he is likely to know.

"I don't know. People keep throwing names at the job, I don't hire and fire people here.

"It's a shame he wasn't given the time (at Manchester United). You need time to make imprint on the team, it's a tough job to replace Sir Alex Ferguson. He is one of the hardest working guys."

Sherwood can relate to the position Ryan Giggs has found himself in and offered the Welshman this advice.

"My advice to him is to enjoy. It will be a complete contrast to what he is used to. It is different and he won't know how different until he steps into the technical area."

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