Sherwood Scores an Own Goal

Tim Sherwood from a position of weakness has taken on club idol Glenn Hoddle in a war of words. The fans can see the ineptitude of the current regime, we can see the players couldn't care less about results and performances.

Sherwood scores an own goal

Sherwood himself has criticised his players over their attitude and publicly rebuked them after the Chelsea humiliation. Former players like Match of the Day host Gary Lineker and pundit Hoddle felt publicly shaming the players was a mistake and the fastest way to lose the dressing room.

"It's a different era now," said Hoddle at the time. "I agree he was very honest but personally that's something you say in the dressing room to the players. You might come out and disguise what your feelings are.

"He's being tested now. His testing time is coming now because of this result and other results like Norwich away. That's when Tim Sherwood is going to be tested as a manager.

"But it's not his fault that his players went and made those mistakes, they were individual mistakes.

"That's not down to the manager. He didn't set them up to make those mistakes."

Clearly the dressing room has been lost, the Liverpool performance was a disgrace and the attitude of the players before the game suggested they were not keyed up for it, which the performance confirmed they weren't.

Hoddle could clearly see that and told Sky viewers, "I didn’t like them in tunnel. Vertonghen was leaning against the wall with two hands behind his back.

"They were too relaxed, too flimsy, chatting away, coming here with no steel - and they’ve conceded a dreadful goal straight away.

"You see a little bit of urgency from Tottenham when they have the ball but when Liverpool get it there’s no urgency, no closing down, no energy to win it in the middle third."

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Tim Sherwood has attempted to hit back but just like his side has scored a massive own goal.

“It’s been a long time since Glenn Hoddle’s managed a football team and the game has moved on quite significantly. I’m not saying that it’s anything to do with whether the body language is correct or not, but that wouldn’t have been brought up if we had won the game."

But Tim there was never ever any chance of Spurs winning the game so that is pretty irrelevant. It has been a long time since Tim Sherwood managed a football club, in fact he hasn't so his game moved on remarks are ill advised. If he can't see that the body language of his players shows they couldn't care less then he is blind or hopeless.

“I think you can look at history at some teams who played very well from the outset, probably won the game very easily, and some of them might have been leaning on the walls and doing that, but it never would have been brought up."

Well the fact is they wouldn't have been leaning on the walls because that is not the behaviour of someone mentally on edge and chaneling their nervous energy into a top performance. The man in the street knows that, shouldn't our manager?

Sherwood scores an own goal

“I’ve been a pundit myself. It’s easy to look for something when you’ve got nothing else to talk about, other than to be critical of your ex-side.”

Well if there was something to praise he would but let's be totally honest, which you are not being Mr Sherwood, there isn't anything to praise apart from the professionalism of a few isolated players.

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