Sherwood - No problem with Charlie Adam

Tim Sherwood has no problem with Charlie Adam and says the Spurs players will respect their opponents and shake hands with him when Stoke entertain Spurs at 3 o'clock on Saturday.

Sherwood - No problem with Charlie Adam

The press needing to make a story have come up with one that Sherwood simply dismisses as nonsense, indicating that if players had a problem every time he tackled one he'd have never received a pre-game handshake.

“I was aware of the reports, it’s nonsense. The players will do their duty and shake hands along that line to show respect to their opposition.

“I haven’t heard the boys talking about Charlie Adam at all. They’re just concentrating on the game. I don’t think it’s a problem. I would hate to think that every time I tackled someone they’d never shake my hand – I would never have had a handshake!

“Charlie is a combative player and he tries to do his job the best that he possibly can. I like my players to do the same and sometimes you’re going to mistime them, but just get on with the game. It’s part and parcel of it, unfortunately.

“What would my message to my players be? Don’t worry about Charlie Adam, worry about yourself. If you perform well and we all perform collectively then we should get the result that we need. Forget about Charlie Adam.

“We respect Stoke, we respect the job that Mark Hughes has done there. He’s been given the time to build something there and he’s been showing the fruits of it just recently.”

As usual it wont be an easy game and Spurs fans will no doubt waiting to see who Charlie Adams targets this time and be up in arms when he does.

Being sent off twice and causing three injuries tells it's own story about Charlie Adams.

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