Sherwood needs fans help

As fans it seems Tim Sherwood needs our help. He has been speaking to the media through the weekly press conferences that happen before any premier League weekend.

He was asked about the continual speculation surrounding his job. The media of course don't actually label him as an interim manager, they were fooled at the time it seems by the 18 month contract he was given, which was basically to avoid the Rafa Benitez type situation that Chelsea had.

Sherwood needs fans help"I know the media have got a job to do and the speculation is not going to end when you have other managers and national managers touting for your job. They are the ones who are fuelling it.

"It is part of the course when you are managing a big club like Tottenham. I have got big enough shoulders - what I am supposed to do?"

I would have thought the answer to that was pretty obvious. Get the players performing as a team with desire and determination, stop slagging off former heroes for telling the truth, learn what body language is and what it can tell you about a players mental state. have a game plan and generally look as if you have a clue what you are doing.

Is that enough to be getting on with or do you need some more help figuring it out.

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