Sherwood - I'll knock out as many as I can

Some good news at last with Tim Sherwood saying he is returning to the touchline for the Monday Night game against Sunderland at White Hart Lane.

Sherwood - I'll knock out as many as I can

He first of claimed sitting in the stands gave him a better view, when in truth it was to get away from Jorge Jesus. You remember him, he was the Benfica boss who wanted revenge on Spurs for the sacking of his Portuguese countryman Andre Villas-Boas.

Having seen his side score three he gestured towards Sherwood which didn't go down well and a slanging match with finger wagging entertained us. The Benfica coaching staff tried but couldn't drag their man away so with no handshake at the end of the game, Sherwood took to the stands for the second leg to avoid him.

He has sat there ever since and against Liverpool said there was no point him being on the touchline as he couldn't influence the game. Brendan Rogers was certainly doing his influencing from the touchline so one game later Sherwood has decided that perhaps he should be down there after all.

He gets very pumped up on the sidelines kicking every ball and making every tackle. You can see the rage within as his chest heaves as his anger boils.

It's good to see he still has his sense of humour telling the BBC, "I'll be on the touchline on Monday. I'll be knocking out as many people as I can!

"I've had a lot of time to prepare this week. If [the players] don't know what it's all about, they ain't going to."

So there is a game plan in place, the players know what they are supposed to do and he has already told the media that the players must give 100% for the fans.

The rest is down to the players, if they decide not to turn up again, if they decide they can't be bothered it will be down to them and them alone. Fans can accept a team being poor, but a team that is poor because it doesn't try is unacceptable at any football club, not just Spurs.

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