Sandro will have to wait

In yet another frank and honest assessment that is spot on the ball Tim Sherwood feels on his day Sandro is best best breaker of play in the Premier League.

Sandro will have to wait“There are just people ahead of him [Sandro] in the squad and I’ll have to assess it. We’ll train again today and he’s trained well all week.

“He’s a good trainer but he’s got certain attributes that we require at certain times, and other players have got other attributes that I need for different games.

“We’ve been dominating the football in most of our games recently and I think other people are ahead of him in regards to that.

“What would he have to do to force his way back in? It would just be a change of style possibly in what we need to do, and just keep training hard and doing what he can do.

“He can’t turn himself into a different type of player. He’s one of the best in the Premier League at breaking up the game, but he’s had his injury problems, and when I think it’s right for him to go back in and give us the qualities that he shows then he’ll be back in.”

A section of Spurs fans may not like it but Sandro was off the pace in his last appearances and rightly lost his place as a result. His fitness should have now improved after his long term injury and the associated niggles that go with recovering from a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

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There is nothing in Tim Sherwood's remarks to indicate Sandro will start against Stoke. You would have thought a battling side like Stoke would be more up his street than the West Ham route one football to come. A cameo to see if he is up to scratch yet would be welcome.

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