Ronald de Boer - Something to be achieved at Tottenham

Frank de Boer's older twin brother ought to know what is going on with his brother and they both work at Ajax. He has spoken to the Dutch media and is quoted talking up a potential move to Tottenham.

Ronald de Boer - Something to be achieved at Tottenham

"I think it's a nice club, the history, I always think it's one of the most attractive clubs in the Premier League. It is a club with ambition and able to spend.

"Additionally they have already Jan Vertonghen and Christian Eriksen, who obviously know Frank well. They have a lot of quality, so there is something to be achieved. 

"For Frank, it is really a question of feeling. It is also very important what the club wants, what the philosophy is and the type of game. I think that in the end will make the difference."

The key element for me there is that there is something to be achieved. Clearly the De Boer brothers see the potential at Tottenham that we see ourselves. perennially just outside the top four the task is to break in on a regular basis and then to progress in Europe.

Off the field there is a new stadium to be built and then more resources to devote to the playing side. Anyone getting in now has the chance to start to build something where their success will breed success in other areas and provide them with opportunity for further success.

Europe can not conquered in a day but Europe is what De Boer wants to conquer and by building something with the growing resources Tottenham have he has much more chance of achieving that than he has at Ajax.

Frank de Boer's ambition matches Tottenham's ambition, fingers crossed this is only a matter of time. Naturally the season has to end and we say thank you to Tim Sherwood before the official official approach can be made. not long now though.

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