Quick evening round-up

Younes Kaboul says we must stop conceding early goals, bit rich coming from the guy who kicked a simple ball into the back of the net after only a few minutes at Anfield!

"To be honest with you I can not give an explanation" he says. What utter rubbish, if he can't see what has been happening around him the fans certainly can. One day footballers might actually stop feeding us baloney.

Lewis Holtby we have heard wants to play for Tottenham, that's a hint for you Younes. The Spurs fans want to see him playing for Tottenham too, sending him to Fulham was madness, as has been proven. Nice call Timmy.

Christian Eriksen is ice cold says Sherwood. I thought he was warming to the task nicely, if only he could cut out the defensive sleepiness we won't keep going behind and he won't have to do rescue acts.

Kyle Naughton says we made a few mistakes against WBA. Well that an understatement. What he should have added was, yet again. Mind you it's not all there fault in the midfield aren't doing their job.

Mousa Dembele who has more hip injuries than anyone I've ever known returned to action for the U21 in a 1-0 defeat to Manchester United. With 4 games left he has a few games available to get ready for the World Cup.

Harry Kane is hoping for more starts in those 4 games and why not. Two goals in two games he has to play for his confidence and development. These 4 games are all about development so Nabil Bentaleb and Zeki Fryers should play with 18 year-old Sebian Milos Veljkovic being given further cameo appearances.

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