Paulinho & Vertonghen - Their attitude sucks

Lazy Paulinho has been told to work hard for a place back in the team by boss Tim Sherwood. It is often said that players can not fool fans, that fans are not stupid and then know when a player is not giving it his all.

Paulinho & Vertonghen - Their attitude sucks

At the moment Spurs have a few of them, the highest profile of which are Jan Vertonghen and Paulinho. The centre-back has been going through the motions for quite a while which has enraged Spurs fans.

The majority have also noticed Paulinho also taking it easy with short simple sideways passes, nothing creative and no runs into the box. Tackles have been few and far between since Charlie Adams assaulted another Spurs player instead of trying to play the ball.

His own remarks that he is too lazy to learn the language was a quite shocking revelation. If you have laziness in one aspect of your character then you have it in other aspects whether it comes to the surface or not. There happens to be the small matter of a World Cup in his home country for which his nation are favourites.

It has been clear for a while that he is saving himself for the summer, not wishing to tire himself out in an English season or to get injured and have to miss the tournament. It is no wonder that Tim Sherwood has gone ballistic at such a lack of professionalism of two quality internationals. Neither though seems to have paid the slightest notice to his outburst.

Paulinho & Vertonghen - Their attitude sucks

Sherwood himself has said he can't influence the game so sits in the stands and if you take those remarks at face value then that is a clear message that a section of players don't listen to a word he says. If they are not doing it during a game then they won't be doing it on the training field either which leaves Tim up the creek without a paddle.

Sherwood will have hoped that this interim period went well and naturally assumed that the players would listen and respond to what he wanted to try and do. However once they stop listening, once they ignore his words, then you have to feel a little sorry for him because there is nothing he can do about it.

We see what happens to a team that has no system, no direction from a manager. You can't just put 11 men on a field and say go and get on with it, it may work on a Sunday morning game in the park but not at a professional level, unless they have been playing together for years. Any team with a plan will beat a team without a plan.

What a set of selfish players are doing is wrong. They are making the club a laughing stock, they are subjecting a passionate caring man to ridicule and testing the patience of genuine hard working club footballers. The example they are showing the youth is disgusting.

Quality is one thing but if you don't have the professional attitude to go with it you are only half the player and a selfish half at that.

The players who have tried are to be commended, not just the stalwarts like Lennon, Kaboul and Dawson but people like Hugo Lloris whose profession pride has seen him shoot up in my estimation of him and Emmanuel Adebayor.

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Sherwood has said all the right things to the media about him, meaning he has made excuses to let him off the hook and offered encouragement.

“I pick players on what they are doing in training, not on reputations and price tags,” Sherwood said.

"I can’t be worrying if the Brazil national manager wants him to play every week. I am going to do what is best for Tottenham, not any national manager. He knows if he trains well and plays well, he stays in the side. He’s come here from another country and the language has been a problem for him.

“Also settling into the Premier League, it’s a different game from what he has been used to. It’s very fast with no respite and we play a completely different way to the Brazil team and the team he has come from.

“He won’t find any Premier League team similar to what he has been used to. But he trains well and wants to be a success.”

Paulinho I am sure will be here next year but as for Vertonghen it wouldn't concern me in the slightest if I never see him in a Spurs shirt again, I'd even prefer to see Vlad Chiriches and regular readers will know how er highly I rate him!

I still not convinced he had an injury at all, not the way he walked off, only started limping when the physio had a word in his ear and then couldn't be bothered with that strolling off without a care in the world. I'm only surprised he didn't smile as he was doing so.

He might be a quality player but at the moment he is something you scrape off your shoe.

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