Paulinho - I'm no shirker

Having publicly complained about not being picked by Tim Sherwood Paulinho then listened to a press conference where his manager said all the right things about him working etc to fight his way back in the team.
Paulinho - I'm no shirker

You could of course read into the comments Sherwood made as him telling Paulinho you are not working hard enough. If you couples it with previous comments about the attitude of some of our signings you could have been suggesting that Paulinho's attitude has been wrong.

We as fans know who puts in a shift, who doesn't, who is trying and who is hiding. You could almost say those making what appears to be a mistake when passing forward are the ones trying to make something happen, those who simply pass 5 yards sideways have good stats but are hiding, unless of course they are defensive midfield and that is part and parcel of their job description.

Paulinho is not and has rarely been our defensive midfielder but a box to box player. If you ask me he has forgotten where the opposition box is, so rarely has he been seen in it compared to the early part of the season. As a result he has been on the bench lately. He has been speaking to the Guardian about his situation at Spurs.

“It was hard to see AndrĂ© go. He was the guy who asked the club to sign me, so you have to be disappointed when that happens. Having said that, this is not a new situation in my life. It happened to me in Brazil at Corinthians, when the manager who had got me in the first team [Mano Menezes] left in 2010.

“The manager changes and you just have to make sure you show the [new] guy you mean business. Sherwood is in charge and every manager has a style, it’s his call if he wants to publicly criticise the players.

“It’s up to each one of us to have a clean conscience about what they are doing for the team. I am very comfortable in saying that I have been working hard and trying to do what the club signed me for.

“The manager and the fans have the right to be upset at the team. A team like ours should not have been routed in those games. But the players know it. It’s just important we stand together at the bad times too.

“I can assure you nobody at the club will be happy if we fail to qualify for the Champions League. One of the reasons I came to this club was to help them play at the top level.”

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The laziness off the field he has spoken about coupled with Sherwood's words will mean Paulinho has to knuckle down the way Roberto Soldado has. He may not be firing but he is at least putting in the effort, even if it is on his own with no help from a midfield miles away from him. The guy is on a hiding to nothing but the fans can see he is working.

The exasperation of Soldado and Lennon against Liverpool was evident when the Spaniard threw his arms wide and stopped to say to the midfield why aren't you helping. Lennon instead of chasing back as he always does, gave up and walked because others weren't even trying.

maybe we will see Paulinho given a game to prove his words aren't hollow, maybe we won't.

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