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Andre Villas-Boas was we hoped the man to take us forward in the long term being a young manager but he has soiled his copybook at Chelsea and didn't improve Spurs in his time at White Hart Lane.

Once again we are left searching round when the pool of talent is thin and few managers are available. To appreciate the manager we want you first have to appreciate what the task is that is being set.

Tottenham have and have had a talented squad, it's still unbalanced, being midfield heavy, which weakens us in other areas when we have injuries so the squad needs adjusting. It's an exercise that is not a huge task but requires tinkering rather than wholesale changes.

Then there is the style of football, it has to be a passing game and it has to create goals, Spurs are not a 1-0 club, the fans like to see attacking or fast counter attacking football so style is important.

Those are the easy tasks. The hard part is competing against money so let's see how we compare.

Manchester United £320m 
Chelsea £261m
Arsenal £245m 
Manchester City £231m
Liverpool £169m (rise next season with Champions League)
Tottenham £144m

Manchester City £202m
Chelsea £173m
Manchester United £162m
Arsenal £143m
Liverpool £119m
Tottenham £90m

All five clubs are more attractive to prospective players with Champions League football and higher wages.

Arsenal have had a policy of buy young, teach them the Arsenal system and improve them for years, it's that structure we are trying to emulate.

Thus the Tottenham manager has to get the players who are not top class and turn them into top class through individual improvement and operating an effective system of play or we have to bring them through the development system.

However to do that we need a style of play that is consistent over a long period. To achieve that we need the manager who will take us into the Champions League with that style with the current crop of players at any given time. We have not consistently found that.

Harry Redknapp got us into the Champions League but didn't develop youth so there would be no conveyor belt of talent to maintain that position, it would have relied on buying players, not our desired model.

Under Andre Villas-Boas we dropped out of the top four and looked like dropping further. Talent is coming through so a boss with experience of working and moulding youth is essential.

Either the system has to make us better than one of those top five or we have to improve the player not just a player to consistently beat a better set of players. The Spurs Need To Go Mental series has been looking at how we can do that as at the moment we don't really improve players, the odd one but not a whole group of them. Therefore we need to improve upon what we do and not just do continue to do the same or we'll get the same results.

We should be beating the other teams in the Premier League but so should the top four so next season do we target he Premier League as all big games and play a second string in the Europa League or do we go all out to win the Europa League and secure Champions League football via that route?

We can't ask players to play Thursday night and then Sunday it doesn't work, they have not recovered and had no time to prepare for their opposition at the weekend.

No European football and we would be fresh but then we can't attract the players in the first place and our revenue drops making it even more difficult to pay wages. We need the income and exposure European football brings.

There will be those who say Liverpool have achieved success because they had no European football and that has helped but it is not the only reason, employing a Sports Psychologist has been instrumental to their success. You only need to look at the way they have approached games setting out to win them as soon as possible then holding that lead. That is a mental approach instilled in them, all games are big games, not just the perceived big games.

They have a manager who has put a system in place and the club, not just the manager, has improved a set of players, not just one.

We need to be doing all of that, the off field and on field work, at the moment we are asking a manager to wave a magic wand and none of them have had it.

Three fan candidates suggested who may possess that magic wand are Murat Yakin (Basel), Marcelo Bielsa (talking with Marseilles) and Diego Simone (Athletico Madrid).

In our next posts we will take a look at these three candidates.

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