More press garbage

The press stories surrounding Spurs are getting sillier and sillier aren't they. Spurs are going to chase Chelsea striker Samuel Eto'o at the end of the season.

More press garbage

Who dreams up this manure and how much do they get paid for it. What are the guys wages? He was the world's highest paid player and took a £13 million pay cut to earn a miserly £8 million at Chelsea. Is he going to take another £4 million wage cut to join us then?

He really fits the profile of players we are looking for doesn't he, really fits the long term vision, young who will improve and increase in value! It beggars belief that someone has got the cheek to even come out with this story when it's not April Fools Day. He is 33 for goodness sake.

Besiktas want him and with a preferential tax rate in Turkey the mercenary is bound to end up there. He wages for us may only be £100,000 basic but there would be big add-ons you can be sure. This is one guy who doesn't play for a shirt, he plays for a wallet.

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If Besiktas want the 8 goal striker on a two year deal, well have him, we don't want him. The only reason he left Anzhi was because one Russian had to help out another Russian in difficulty. It's the only reason Willian ended up at Chelsea.

We have enough players who don't want to play for our shirt without adding to them.

Then there is the looming spectre of Louis Van Gaal who distrusts high earning stars and prefers youth. Samuel Eto'o doesn't fit his criteria either. This story doesn't have an ounce of credibility at all.

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