Lukaku vs Benteke

The transfer rumour season is finally starting to get moving as the window draws closer. Time to study each team, look at the problems, fathom out which manager will move teams, link all his old players with his new club, invent stories based upon a mythical scenario.

Fans love it, regardless of what they tell you, they love it, it fills the papers, it fills websites, it fills the news, where would Sky Sports News be without it. Oh and while we are on the subject of Sky Sports News let me just tell the gullible that they are not the definitive authority on transfer activity.

It does make me laugh when people profess something not to be true because it hasn't been on Sky Sports News yet. Do these people not know half of their stories are simply lifted from websites off the internet?

Anyway what transfer rumour is doing the rounds at the moment. Jermain Defoe has gone therefore Spurs need a new striker. Perfectly logical and an ideal opportunity to run plenty of stories, the press are rubbing their hands with glee.

Two strikers we have been linked to are Romelu Lukaku and Christian Benteke so of the two which one would you choose right now? I'll ask again at the end of the article and we'll see if your opinion changes.

Romelu Lukaku has been touted as a possible for a while. I think most Spurs fans would be happy with him joining Tottenham and if stories are to be believed Daniel Levy is after his man. Cue 4 months of negotiations!

Lukaku vs Benteke

We have been interested in the 20 year-old for a couple of seasons now and he fits the Tim Sherwood profile of the type of player we need, young, with proven Premier League experience. That experience importantly is not just one season as has been the case until now with another target Christian Benteke.

He of course we tried to sign last summer but when we told him we would not pay the fee Aston Villa were asking he did a u-turn and signed another contract. We are interested once again, now that he has come through his barren spell and started scoring goals again. Another season and his all round general play will have improved, he wasn't the best at bringing others into play last season and missed rather a lot of sitters.

Lukaku has scored 12 goals in 26 Premier League games at Everton in 1974 minutes. He has scored a league goal every 164.5 minutes (1 game and 84.5 minutes). He has had a torn ankle ligament this season and has a contract with Chelsea until 2016.

Reports suggesting his fee may be between £17-22 million which would probably be the higher given the Chelsea boards dislike for Tottenham as a result of their farcical offer for Luka Modric.

Christophe Henrotay is Romelu Lukaku's agent and he confirmed he has spoken to Levy to Belgium newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

"I'm looking for a club for Romelu and yes, I've talked to Daniel Levy once, but that doesn't mean Romelu will definitely join Spurs. That's not a talking point at this moment.

"There aren't 20 teams that can afford to buy Romelu. He won't go from Everton to, let's say, Swansea. There's also a difference between Everton that plays against relegation and an Everton that fights for European football."

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Christian Benteke has continually been watched by us since last summer. He has not been as prolific this season and may well cost more than Lukaku given Aston Villa's £25 million valuation in last years summer transfer window.

Lukaku vs Benteke

Once again he fits our profile of a young player with proven Premier League experience and now also not just over one season. There have been plenty of one season wonder strikers but these two have shown they can not be given that label now.

The Villa centre forward is 3 years older than his fellow Belgian at 23 and has scored 11 goals in 28 games this season. Of those 10 goals were in the Premier League in 26 games. His league playing time has been 2126 minutes thus this season he has scored a goal every 212.6 minutes (2 games and 32.6 minutes).

He has had a groin problem, a knee injury, a second knee injury and an achilles heel injury to hamper his season so on that score he fits right in at Spurs! His contract runs until 2017 and Villa will be determined to keep him.

Romelu Lukaku - 20 years-old, 12 goals in 26 games, one every 164.5 minutes, cost approx £22 million
Christian Benteke - 23 years old, 10 goals in 26 games, one every 212.5 minutes, cost approx £25 million

Not don't many of you will say let's have both but more realistically only one will be signed. If it came to a straight fight between these two who would you choose?

My answer would be Romelu Lukaku, younger, cheaper and scores more often.

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