Levy's Choice - Thrift vs Spend

Tottenham chairman has a choice to make in the summer, however his recent statement tells fans the way forward for the club.
Levy's Choice - Thrift vs Spend

There are two options, one retain faith in Tim Sherwood, ship out all the players we have bought and replace them with overpriced homegrown talent or bring in a coach who doesn't want expensive stars, is happy to work with what we have and whose coaching develops the young players.

Sounds like a tough choice doesn't it.

“This season we have had to make significant changes, both in respect of coaching and playing staff and yet we are currently only two points less than last season’s tally. Whilst this season’s performances and results have not lived up to expectation, we believe our squad has potential and it is important that we all now show commitment and teamwork to get the best possible finish to the season.

"Our focus therefore is to continue to invest in and develop the squad - we shall not look to a summer of major upheaval, but rather to strengthen in key positions - to play the style of football for which we are famous  - and to deliver the new stadium."

Levy's Choice - Thrift vs SpendThose words from the recent shareholder and stadium update tell Tim Sherwood you are not keeping the job. It clearly tells the supporters there is a new man coming in. No major upheaval, not what Sherwood wants, play the style of football for which we are famous, not what Sherwood it seems can provide.

They clearly point to a new man at the helm.

Louis Van Gaal is about developing youth and improving players already at a club which fits in exactly with the statements words. His criteria is simply to have players who listen and are receptive to his methods, high profile expensive players are possibly to interested in themselves therefore he doesn't trust them say reports.

Quite frankly he sounds like just the guy we need.

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