Franco Baldini staying at Spurs

I read with amusement the impending departure of Franco Baldini. Why, because this started as a newspaper making a guess. They determined that he was responsible for the summer signings and not Andre Villas-Boas therefore as they have largely flopped until now he must be going.

Franco Baldini staying at Spurs

That story has now had the Chinese whispers treatment and is being reported everywhere as a restructuring at managerial level at Tottenham this summer.

There are no club sources, no statements, not one iota of fact just a pieced together version of possible events, however there are other options as well. The story goes that we are going to give Louis Van Gaal full control over transfers but he is used to working with technical directors.

He is a coach who wants players who will listen, age doesn't matter although he likes working with youth. He does not want expensive stars bought as he doesn't trust them. That all suggests to me that it would be pretty pointless giving him control over transfers.

Far more likely is that he will determine the type of player he requires, if they are not already at the club, and inform the technical director, who along with the scouting staff would then source possible players. The ground work would be done and these would be offered to Van Gaal for a yes or no.

If it's a yes the technical director then begins negotiations to secure the man. If none are possible, they might be too expensive or can't agree terms for instance, then other options are looked at.

I doubt Franco Baldini is going anywhere. The fans were happy with his work last summer and is Van Gaal gets them operating within his 4-3-3 formation then they could start showing the form they made us purchase them. Erik Lamela would benefit from the freedom of playing as one of a front three and if the players did show their talent why would you get rid of the guy who bought them in?

Daniel Levy wants a technical director, we have had Daniel Comolli and now Franco Baldini. The reports go onto suggest the post would be retained. What for if you are handing full control to a manager? There would be no need for a technical director then, the supposition doesn't make sense.

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Levy is not going to abandon the idea of his desired management structure. He also rejected Baldini's offer of resignation when AVB was sacked, why is we are to get rid of him now? We were never going to do any business in January while we waited for Louis Van Gaal so why not just get rid of him then if we were going to?

If Franco Baldini left, supposedly by mutual consent which is another way of saying we haven't heard he is going to be sacked, then you are saying the purchases were bad and we'd have to get rid of them for better ones. However Daniel Levy has already ruled that out stating we will only improve in one or two key areas this summer.

We already know centre-back is one of those with all the scouting we have been doing and the problems we have had there, none of which are Franco Baldini's fault.

Tim Sherwood would like the role but he doesn't have the contacts which leaves him it seems either in his old job or seeking a management position elsewhere. Now he has had the taste he will probably want to stay in the limelight as Levy's original plan that I wrote about a while ago was thrown out the window when Sherwood said he was to opinionated to be Van Gaal's number 2. Had he agreed he would have been groomed as the long term successor.

Just as a paper can speculate he is going it is easy to speculate that he is staying at Spurs.

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