Foster rubbish, Eriksen rubbish, Chiriches rubbish

Surprise surprise, we have just played West Bromwich Albion so we get linked with one of their players, the press are so predictable.

Foster rubbish, Eriksen rubbish, Chiriches rubbish

It's the usual 2+2 story. Hugo lloris will go to a club who can offer him Champions League football so Spurs will need a new goalkeeper, enter Ben Foster.

Brad Friedel will also need replacing and Ben Foster is somewhere between the two. The man who refused to play for England and who should never have been selected in a squad again after he had, is not in the same league as Lloris. He is quite frankly an ordinary keeper who makes mistakes.

He was at Manchester United but didn't make the grade for a top 4 club keeper so why we would want him now, unless it was a back up number 2 I don't know. At 31 he has a few years left and would want to be paying I would have thought. There are plenty of decent keepers around and he is reasonable but a reasonable mid table keeper, no more.

That is not the standard of player we require so I treat the story with as much belief as Arsenal being interested in Louis Van Gaal. If they were going to get rid of Wenger they would have done it by now and it won't happen after getting to a Cup Final.

What other daft stories have the press come out with, oh yes Christian Eriksen plunges his future into doubt. What utter claptrap.

He has only just said he is very happy and Tottenham, he is glad he came, he praises Louis Van Gaal and says he has no intention of leaving. So he has a secret plan, well doesn't everyone. Anyone who doesn't have plans is going to achieve nothing, they'll just aimlessly wander through life wondering why they couldn't have less of a struggle.

He is glad the fans are happy with him and like what they see, well his dream could be getting to the Champions League with Tottenham, it could be winning it, it could be winning the title, it could be working with Louis Van Gall, none of which suggest leaving.

There is no doubt about his future whatsoever.

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Vlad 'I am hopeless' Chiriches put in his usual terrible performance after his brilliant pass against Sunderland clearly demonstrating top 4 standard to anyone who can't see. He is such a stand out player he was hauled off at half-time and replaced with a reserve reserve left-back!

He is nowhere near the standard we require and one we should be looking to get shot of as soon as possible, if we can get our money back. Perhaps we should send him back as faulty goods. If we are stuck with him this summer then we have to hope Van Gaal can work miracles. Chiriches desire to use Spurs as a stepping stone to Chelsea certainly now looks laughable and his performance only backed up the article I wrote at the end of March.

March 27th - Brilliant News Dortmund want Chiriches

At one stage we were strong at the back, now we have a shambles in the centre of defence, we can't start playing 18 year-old Milos Veljkovic fast enough. Younes Kaboul looks lost, Chiriches is hopeless, Jan Vertonghen doesn't want to be here which only leaves Michael Dawson, so love him or hate him he will be the only one guaranteed to be staying.

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