Adebayor's simplistic approach

Emmanuel Adebayor was frozen out by Andre Villas-Boas and refused to reintegrate him against Daniel Levy's wishes, which played it's part in his dismissal. Tim Sherwood took over showed faith in the former Real Madrid striker and Ade has once again shown himself to be a high quality centre-forward.

Adebayor's simplistic approach

"In football, you are judged day by day, game by game.If we won at Anfield, people would be saying we have a great team, great personality, great team spirit but as we lost, everyone tries to look for reasons, like we're not together as a team, that sort of thing. That's how it is," he said to the club's official website.

That is a little too simplistic, getting thrashed by the top teams and beating the rest after struggles is not where the club should be. The performances have not been acceptable, there are reasons for that, it is not just the team having a bad day. Supporters can see players not putting in  the effort. Adebayor was accused of the very same thing last season.

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"If we can win against Sunderland on Monday it will be a different story. I've been in this business a while now and know how it works and that's why I always take it game by game."

If we win against a team staring relegation in the face it won't change a thing. The remaining games are meaningless games, games to play and develop youth, games to play people with the right attitude and leave the rest on the bench.

Tim Sherwood has recently talked about the youngsters coming through at Tottenham but has said the time is not right to introduce some of them, they need the right characters around them to develop them. That peaks loud and clear that he is having to pick players who do not have the right character so clearly it's not a case of we lost look for an excuse.

If he had read any forums or blogs he would have known we expected to lose, the only question was by how many and that would be dependent on how much effort was put in. Very little in the end.

"We have to move on from Anfield. You can't have good days every day. We've had good days, now we're going through a difficult moment. On Monday, you'll see a Tottenham team determined to win, playing with heart and desire."

We have only seen Spurs play with heart and desire twice in the last couple of months Ade, against Arsenal and when playing the kids against Benfica away. There has been very little heart and desire from half the side in any other game.

It would be nice to see for once.

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