The players show it's the players fault

It was a game that held fear but in the end we finally got a performance where just the players tried, it is a game that means so much to Spurs fans that they couldn't and wouldn't dare not to put in 100% and what a difference it made.

AS usual we conceded from our left with yet again a simple ball between left-back and centre-back, although on this occasion Rose was nowhere to be seen. The left side of our defence has been the weak point all season. We concede far to many goals from that area.

In the end Spurs should not have lost. All Townsend had to do was pass in front of a player and he chose to pass behind, all Chadli had to do was lift the ball over a defender and he tries to play it along the floor. Those are the moments when a cool head is needed and clinical finishing is required. We didn't have it.

Adebayor gave everything
Emmanuel Adebayor gave everything
Ade gave absolutely everything up front on his own but despite his best efforts we could produce nothing. The first half was all huff and puff to create nothing. Tim hurling his coat at one point was boiling over with rage, you could see his chest expanding as he was breathing heavy.

The start was not good enough, we weren't all switched on. I watched Vertonghen to see his reaction and he turned to look and walk away. It didn't take a genius to figure out what was going through his mind at that point. If they didn't put the effort in now there would be hell to pay, fortunately they did.

We came out for the second half and should have scored two, and with a bit of composure we would have, then we could have won. What they showed today was they could play, they could try if they want to, it's just that the players don't want to most of the time.

That is not down to management, that is not down to coaching, that is down to the players, plain and simple.

We need to see that effort in the next two games now.

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