Technical Director Poll - Sherwood or Baldini

Franco Baldini Tchnical Director
Franco Baldini Tchnical Director
Tim Sherwood backed Daniel levy into a corner yesterday with his announcement that he will not become a Number 2 at White Hart lane but he wants the Technical Director role currently held by Franco Baldini.

“I never want to be a number two. I feel like I can do the number one job. I don’t think I’d be good at number two. I’m too opinionated. I wouldn’t want to do the number two job."

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Sherwood then had a pop at Baldini and has basically told Daniel Levy I want the job, make your choice, It's Baldini or me.

“I do think there is a place for a technical director. I’m someone who sees the club from the bottom to the top on the training field. There’s a definite place for that.

Sherwood wants Manager or Technical Director role
Tim Sherwood wants Manager or Technical Director role
"A lot of clubs need to have a person like that, otherwise you get no continuity, you just end up buying seven or 10 players every window and your turnover of players is far too great.”

So who do we want Spurs fans, Tim Sherwood or Franco Baldini?

Cast your vote (sidebar on the bottom left), share this post, tweet or retweet the link and post to Facebook groups, the more who vote, the more accurate picture we get of supporters views.

The Michael Dawson Poll 58% said keep Dawson, 42% sell.

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