Spurs vs Southampton

Before we get onto the Southampton game I keep seeing these headlines everywhere about Hoddle nearly returning which are all complete rubbish. He said he would help Spurs out as an interim manager until the end of the season and that's it.

We I could say I would do the job as an interim manager does that mean I nearly went to Spurs then!

He was not interviewed, he was not asked if he wanted the job, he was not spoken to, nothing, nothing at all. And that constitutes nearly returning in the eyes of the idiotic tabloid press.

Right on to the Southampton game after today's wonderful tipping bonanza.

Spurs vs Southampton

Tottenham as we all know returned from a mid-week Euopa League tie which leaves them precious little time to prepare and train for Southampton at White Hart Lane this afternoon. Our record after Europe is not great probably because of the lack of preparation time.

The injury crisis Spurs have will be helped by Jan Vertonghen being available and some of our walking wounded may make it. Adebayor rested an ankle injury but is expected to return together with Younes Kaboul, Paulinho, Hugo Lloris and Mousa Dembele.

Our league form is not great with only three wins in our last eight games and we struggle to create any real chances. Generally we play not to concede which means our midfield is often too far away from the striker.

Southampton haven't been in the greatest of form, they seem to have hit a plateau but certainly have talent in their ranks. As the only team not to have scored in the first 15 minutes we will of course start passing it around and doing nothing. We may create a couple of chances and miss them before coming out for the second-half when we try to win the game.

Goodness knows which Spurs will turn up and goodness knows what system Interim Tim will adopt this time. I'm going to take a stab at Sherwood playing five across the middle.

The fingers will be crossed for three points, the days of expecting them have gone for the rest of this season.

Perhaps the team will be something like this:

Kaboul Vertonghen Rose
Lennon Paulinho Eriksen Bentaleb Dembele

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