Spurs vs Arsenal - Surprise me guys

A north London derby, a game to look forward to, right. Wrong. The ideal game right now says Tim Sherwood, I'm afraid that is just media bravado, a bit of PR for the cameras.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal
Spurs vs Arsenal - not a game we need right now

This and the Liverpool game are two games Spurs don't need right now. We haven't a hope of getting anything, the best we can hope for is to not get thrashed.

Jan Vertonghen says he is not looking for another club right now, he's 100% committed right now, the right now part is very revealing. Tottenham fans will tell you he is going through the motions, has already decided he wants out and is not doing his best for Tim Sherwood.

"I can definitely find me in his criticism. He talked the whole group, and I feel also addressed me.

"He has put the players put on the block and maybe that was the right approach... It was not good enough in recent weeks. Also not against Benfica."

"I heard nothing from Tottenham (about a new contract), the season still has ten games and I 'm suspended for the second leg of the Europa League. I focus now until the very end of the season."

Words, just words Jan.

Sol Campbell has come out and apologised for hurting Spurs fans but stops short of apologising for joining Arsenal though. Personally I have no problem with him joining Arsenal, but telling Tottenham you are going to sign another contract at the end of the season and then leaving on a free is bang out of order.

That cost the club £25 million, a fortune back then. Spurs could have built but Sol Campbell put the club back years, for that he will never be forgiven.

Tim Sherwood will send out a team with fingers crossed that they decide to at least put in some effort for him, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were him.

If we have enough midfielders Paulinho needs to be dropped, he's more interested in not getting injured. Are we going to play a winger and bring Eriksen in from the cold, are we actually going to pick Soldado or deflate his confidence even more?

I can not find any enthusiasm for this game at all, I dread it and dread to think what the score might be. For once a dull boring 0-0 non event will probably be the best chance we have.

Certain players will be up for it, but you need all 11 up for it, sadly only 7 or 8 will be.

Surprise me guys.

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