Spurs Gutless & Selfish Squad

The dust has settled on another day of pain for Spurs fans everywhere. I feel it as much as the next man. We expected it, it happened.

Spurs Gutless & Selfish Squad
Tim Sherwood presiding over a shambles at Tottenham

Tim Sherwood has turned the club into an absolute shambles, few of the players are even pretending they can be bothered to listen any any instructions he gives ant more. To say he has lost the dressing room would be an understatement but then it is highly unlikely that he ever had it.

I know the players I can rely on to give me 100% said Tim and named Aaron Lennon. Well Lennon was never given the ball in space where he could do anything with it became frustrated and simply gave up, walking back at one point when he went for an interception and was given a dummy. Lennon we all know would sprint back, chase and close down his man, but no, that's it I've had enough of this, he raised the white flag and walked back.

That one incident spoke volumes. If nobody else can be bothered why should I.

At the moment our beloved club is being torn apart by Tim and some gutless, selfish players. Perhaps Sherwood should not be blamed, perhaps it is these players who should be playing for him and aren't. It happens time and time again at clubs, when players don't want you they simply go through the motions. Look at Chelsea with AVB, the players couldn't wait to get shot of him, sussing him out very quickly. I don't agree with the attitude but it isn't going to change, so why bother to pick the players behaving that way.

Dawson came on, made a mistake and then buckled down to the task, Younes Kaboul had a nightmare game, failing to prevent two goals he should have done. He is mentally shot at the moment, generally the lone figure in defence trying. He and Dawson have to play the remaining games and start putting 18 year-old Milos Velkjovic on the bench for a bit of experience.

Jan Vertonghen was a disgrace and should not be picked again, regardless of who is available. To walk off normally and then half way realise he is supposed to be limping off injured and start doing so is an insult to the club and it's supporters. He publicly told the fans I have given up, I'm not even going to go through the motions.

I'd rather see the Vlad Chiriches than Vertonghen in the team and I think we all know I don't rate Chiriches. I for the life of me can't understand why we keep picking Danny Rose. Surely we must have identified he is not good enough so why is Zeki Fryers not playing there. No he may not be good enough either but he will improve with experience, Rose has shown he can't improve with experience. Positionally he will always be a liability.

Interim Tim is doing a sterling job at the moment, a sterling job in keeping his temper in check. He is in the stands to stop himself going ballistic and quite frankly he right to go ballistic. Certain players decided this is a work experience guy not fit to be telling me how to play the game. They have not listened, they have not done what is asked.

That is not all Tim Sherwood's fault,the players hve to take a massive part of the blame. Whether you agree with who is in charge or not, they are in charge so you give them everything. Downing tools from the outset is not an attitude in a player wanted at the club.

Of course Daniel Levy has to take his share of the blame, the appointment was farcical, and that's not being wise after the event as regular readers will know. Glenn Hoddle should have been appointed, an ex England manager or someone who hasn't even attended a class at school yet? Tough choice.

To be fair though he couldn't appoint Hoddle because he might have made a success of it and then he'd have had to give him a contract and if he has already agreed a contract with Louis Van Gaal as is likely then he couldn't allow that possibility to rise.

What the reason were for appointing him we can only speculate, it certainly wasn't to get Champions League football that's for certain. To muddle through until the summer yes but not the only reason. Possibly the board could see we had bought players playing for a wage packet, let's face it we have seen enough of them over the years.

David Bentley made a career out of not playing for a wage packet and his career got what it deserved. Any player who refused to move so he can keep collecting wages for training are a waste of space, look at Gomes he's been doing the same. How many of them are we stuck with now?

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I have no doubt Sherwood was sent in there with an agenda, give me two lists Tim, the ones who want to be here, the ones who are playing for a wage packet. Maybe Louis Van Gaal said I only want players who can take orders, maybe Tim is there to see who takes them and who doesn't. Levy is no fool, he will have known this could go pear shaped, it has, but at least it should be over now, at least we should be able to coast through six games without getting hammered to calm everyone down.

Sherwood could come out and be brave. He could simply pick a bunch of kids plus one or two he can rely on for the next game, then come out in the media and tell the truth as to why he has picked that side. Embarrass those players not selected, let the world know they aren't trying, unfortunately we the probably wouldn't be able to sell them or there value would diminish so it won't happen, but it should.

The squad is so unbalanced it's untrue, everyone seems to be a central midielder and we are having to slot them in where we can. That is not a recipie for a successful team and that is not down to Tim Sherwood, that's the fault of his predecessor Andre Villas-Boas. He created this mess, Sherwood has to try to clear it up and make the best of it, impossible when the players can't be bothered to and when he doesn't know what he's doing yet.

Our midfield are a joke at the moment, they don't support the front man and they don't press the ball which mans the defence and the defensive midfielder haven't a chance. Opponents can pick out whatever ball they fancy. The whole team problems stem from that at the moment. Everyone has to press, not just one or two, if one doesn't the system doesn't work and you are just dropping the defence in it, goals are bound to come and they did.

The supporters of course are picking the easy targets when their anger should be directed at the players, the players who week in week out say I am not going to try for you, not the players who make a mistake when they are trying.

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