Sherwood's standing at Spurs increased?

Tim Sherwood was a wild card selection as manager or Head Coach at Tottenham Hotspur. Quite what Daniel Levy's thinking was is not clear, there are several interpretations, but his standing may well have increased within the club as a result.

With a World Cup coming up the preferred managers were unavailable until the summer. Do you take a punt on someone with no experience or do you appoint the same guy as an interim manager in all but name?

Tim Sherwood feels under pressure and has sought clarification to how the Spurs board see the future.

Has Sherwood's standing at Spurs increased?
Has Tim Sherwood's standing at Spurs increased?
Daniel Levy trusts Sherwood and Sherwood convinced him he had the ability and to give him an interim role I'm sure. The 18 month contract simply a smokescreen to avoid the Rafa Benitez situation Chelsea put themselves in. A salary of £750,000 is peanuts for a manager so a pay-off in the summer wouldn't be an issue.

Sherwood of course knows that gives him a chance to prove his worth and be in with a chance of getting the role on a permanent basis.

The board have, it appears sought to reassure Sherwood they are happy with his work. The real question is what is that work?

Did Daniel Levy have in mind when he appointed Sherwood that he could have a first hand look at the players. We know Sherwood is honest, we know he speaks his mind. I have questioned before, indeed for the last couple of years, the mental approach of our players.

It's an over exaggeration but when the chance is there to win 4 or 5 nil they haven't been clinical and it doesn't seem to bother them. When the game is tight and we need a clinical finish it isn't there, well that's hardly surprising, you can't just turn a tap and there it is.

Levy may have had in mind Sherwood giving him a frank and honest assessment of the clubs £100 million investment because the board have not been happy with the output of their AVB inspired purchases.

Back has come Chief Scout Ian Broomfield now AVB has gone, who is highly regarded within the game as one of the best talent spotters around. The £100 million was blown. Sherwood either kicks them up the backside and gets them performing for their money or he tells Levy that X, Y and Z are not playing for the club, they are just going through the motions to pick up their wage.

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Several of these players have come from clubs where they are an automatic selection and not being one has been a shock to their system. Some it seems just want an easy life. Did Daniel Levy have in mind sending Tim Sherwood in to work with them day-to-day and weed them out.

"A lot of players are playing for their future. I've spoken with Daniel and I'm planning for next season, who I want to keep, who I want to bring in.

"I want players who want to play for the club and they've got between now and the end of season to show that. I don't think at any football club, any player should be doing the club a favour by playing for them."

Clearly he is weeding the time wasters out but for a managerial role next season or another as yet undefined role, at least undefined to the public. His words are exactly the way a supporter thinks, yet some Spurs fans still question his commitment to the club.

"At any club, you'll see a lot of players all over Europe, all over the world, they think they've outgrown a club, that can't be the case. People pay money to watch clubs, it's in their blood, and I think players owe them 100 per cent.

"It annoys me when I do see those players who think they're doing a club a favour by representing them."

Several players have been sold who thought they had outgrown the club, three of them forced moves, but in fairness when they played they gave their all, apart from 2 games!

"The players are under no illusions now. No one's going to get preferential treatment because of what they're paid. I'm working with these players every single day, I know the DNA. I know the players I can trust and those I can't.

"The boys here have the opportunity to prove they want to stay. If they don't, we'll find replacements. The players are men. I'm a manager, not a baby-sitter."

The message is clear, some of you are a waste of space. Those he can't trust won't get picked so watching team selections when he has a choice of players will be enlightening.

The role of Franco Baldini has been brought into question but Sherwood has sought to tell the media he is part of Spurs planning. If so does Daniel Levy already know what roles he has in mind for each of them next season?

"Franco speaks separately to Daniel and speaks separately to me. We're all singing from the same sheet," Sherwood told the press.

"I'm not asking for any assurances. I've got an 18-month contract and I thoroughly expect to be here for longer than that.

"Daniel knows full well what I'm like, he's known me for a long time. I wasn't going to suddenly turn into a mute, that wasn't going to happen. He knows the character I am, he knows what he's getting. He's getting honesty. I'm honest in public and, as you would expect, I'm a bit more honest with him."

In a roundabout way this experience may have actually enhanced Tim Sherwood's standing within the club instead of what we initially thought, that it would be goodbye soon. Now it's what other role will he have and that will be at a higher level than he was before AVB was sacked.

I have spoken before that the character of a player should be studied before he is signed so you know fully what you are getting, it's an area we have fallen down on. Whatever role he has next season the word of Tim Sherwood on a player is one Levy will take serious note of.

Yes men do clubs no favours, Tim Sherwood is no yes man and for that we should be grateful.

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