Sherwood - Spurs Fans Need Educating

Tim Sherwood told the Independent that Spurs fans need educating in a recent interview. He asks if Tottenham could operate in the same way Ajax do which is to a degree the way Arsenal do it as well.

Previously in charge of Player Development Sherwood's role was to develop the youngsters at White Hart Lane. He has Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsay working for him and they are now also assisting him with the first team since his elevation. If Sherwood moves upstairs as is extremely likely then one of these two will be in prime position to take over the role developing the youth.

“Frank De Boer is an interesting one because he is an Ajax man, and everyone employed by Ajax is an Ajax person. Can we try to emulate what he does there, bringing the kids through at Tottenham? Fantastic, I wish we could do it. You have to educate the fans to do that first and foremost.

“The fans at Tottenham want signings, they always have since Ossie Ardiles’ time. You have to educate the fans to take a step back. I have always believed that your best players are your homegrown. You might get a [Cristiano] Ronaldo but you have to pay for them.

“Over time your best players are homegrown. Look at Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville. Even at Tottenham it’s Glenn Hoddle. They really care about the club. At Ajax, homegrown players are given more time. Here it is the other way round.”

When you look at the determination that Nabil Bentaleb shows and the passion when he has a go at another player to pick his game up you sense he has a point. Harry Kane is not everybodies cup of tea, the jury still seems to be out for most Spurs fans about him but in Portugal he had a game turning impact as a substitute, showing what he is capable of. Sherwood has given him cameo roles to bring him along and started with him in the home leg, which didn't go so well for him.

After the Chelsea humiliation players were laughing and joking in the dressing room. Sherwood and captain Dawson had to lay into them and tell them a few home truths.

Spurs Fans Need EducatingIf you are laughing and joking after a defeat, especially a humiliation, you are not a winner. You have the wrong mental makeup, it smacks of I don't care. Regardless of what you think your feelings are, subconsciously you do not care and that has an effect of personal performance.

A defeat should hurt, at any level. He may not show it but Daniel Levy hurts when we get beaten and is embarrassed when we get thrashed. Many fans have a wrong impression but Sherwood doesn't, he knows how much the best chairman we have had in years cares about the club.

“He [Levy] wants the club to do well. He really, really does. He cares for the club and I believe he wants me to do well. I would like it [the contract] to be 10 years but I am realistic enough to know this is a dress rehearsal.

“I am untried. What I would say is there is no guarantee [about the alternatives]. Someone could win 19 trophies elsewhere and they might not fit at Tottenham. The club has to fit the manager and you don’t know until you bring them in. But they have a better idea with me than with anyone else.”

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