Sandro reveals some players have let the club down

The Tottenham hierarchy held crisis talks with the players after Tim Sherwood publicly criticised them after the Chelsea debacle.

Spurs chiefs do not usually address the players but their lack of spirit against the top teams. Three times a player has been sent-off and three times the side has capitulated. That is solely down to a mental approach, some players simply give up.

Sandro has supported Tim Sherwood's honest words where former players Glenn Hoddle and Gary Lineker have both suggested he should have kept them behind closed doors. The thought is publicly criticise players and you'll lose them but if a player is so weak that he can accept private criticism and not public then he is weak mentally and not a winner.

Sandro - Players will listen to Sherwood
Sandro - Players will now listen to Tim Sherwood
Spurs need winners, Spurs need players like Sandro who give 100% every game. His words this week have been very revealing and tell us that the players believe Tim Sherwood to be an interim manager and that they, or at least some of them, have not been trying for him.

"We spent more than two hours in a meeting amongst the players and we said what we had to say. Everyone was shouting"

That tells us some players have been upset by the attitude of others, such division within a squad is not a good sign. That is apparent again as he then went on to say:

"From now on, we know that we all have to listen when anyone says something. It was after the manager's conference with the press."

That rather suggests that some players have not been listening to him, that some are just waiting for him to be replaced. That makes Tim Sherwood's outspoken words very understandable.

"We had a meeting with the players. Sometimes one player got a bit more stressed out and we tried to calm him down and talk in a nice way. We spent about two hours that way. Every player had their fair share to say, put it that way. We all spoke amongst ourselves.

"For me, to be honest, it helped a lot because now I can go and tell another player, and another player can tell me. The manager likes it. Everyone can go for it now, and I think it will help."

Sherwood has said the players are to nice to each other so it is clear some are just putting in C grade work just to pick up their pay cheque, supporters have a right to expect A grade work.

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In support of Tim Sherwood

"I think that is positive from ourselves and we have to show in the next match that we can do much better. And we will prove that. I am sure we will show much more character in the next matches."

Again that tells us that there are some not pulling their weight. Tim Sherwood has thrust Nabil Bentaleb into the fray since he took over saying he knew what he was getting, he knew he could rely on him. At the time Sandro was injured which tells us in no uncertain terms that Etienne Capoue was one of those going through the motions. He has been picked since, he had to buck his ideas up with a World Cup coming up but then came an injury.

This summer is going to be an interesting one to see who Sherwood recommends to Daniel Levy to get shot of.

“We have to put our hearts on the table and pull our sleeves up for the benefit of our team and ourselves,” Sandro said, you need to do that for the supporters too, starting tonight.

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